✅ numeca.com numeca computational fluid dynamics software & solutions numeca international

numeca provides fast and reliable cfd, meshing, and optimization software, consulting services, and hpc resources to ensure your engineering competitive advantage.

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✅ klinger.it klinger italy  indicatori di livello, guarnizioni, fluid control

klinger produce e commercializza, in italia ed all’estero, guarnizioni ed articoli tecnici industriali, prodotti per il controllo dei fluidi quali: valvole, pompe, indicatori di livello, scaricatori di condense, indicatori di flusso, filtri e sistemi vari per il controllo suddetto, prodotti ed altri articoli a destinazione industriale 

✅ sulzer.com home because life is fluid flow control and applicators sulzer

sulzer is a global leader in fluid engineering. we specialize in pumping, agitation, mixing, separation and application technologies for fluids of all types.

✅ pei.org petroleum equipment institute the leading authority for fuel and fluid handling equipment.

pei is a trade association whose members manufacture, distribute and service petroleum marketing and liquid handling equipment.

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✅ fluidhandlingpro.com fluid handling pro fluid handling technology news & innovations facebook linkedin rss twitter youtube

fluid handling system design news - fluid handling pro focuses on technologies and innovations for effectively processing and measuring liquids, slurries & gases.

✅ ocon.com oconnor engineering world famous fluid heads for cinematography

oconnor engineering are makers of world famous fluid heads, tripods and camera support accessories for the film, video and television production industries.

✅ vinten.com vinten camera tripods, heads and support equipment & systems vinten camera supports tripods, fluid heads, systemswww.vinten.com

professional studio and camera support equipment for effortless broadcasting, film and video operation freeing you to focus on capturing the perfect moment. pan & tilt heads, pedestals and tripods.

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✅ fluidpowerworld.com fluid power products and news fluid power world

fluid power world delivers up to date fluid power, pneumatic and hydraulic product, industry news, commentary and resources.

✅ fluidpowertechconference.com fluid power technology conference resource for fluid power engineers

the fluid power technology conference brings together fluid power industry professionals and academics for two full days of in-depth programming including keynote sessions, industry panels, hands-on technology demonstrations, and networking sessions.

✅ ingersollrandproducts.com ingersoll rand air compressors, power tools, lifting and fluid handling products

✅ omvalve.com zhejiang ouming fluid casting industry co., ltd. web site

zhejiang ouming fluid casting industry co., ltd.

✅ texcelrubber.com texcel industrial hose, hydraulics, fluid sealing products

for all industrial hose and couplings, fluid sealing products, and hydraulic hose and fittings. experts in the business for nearly 40 years.

✅ burkert.com bürkert fluid control systems valve engineering & systems continue shopping

✅ burkert.fr bürkert fluid control systems poursuivre mes achats

bürkert est leader mondial des techniques de mesure, contrôle et régulation des fluides.

✅ fluidynefp.com fluidynefp fluid power pumps and products

fluidyne fluid power provides high quality new and remanufactured hydraulic pumps, motors and valves to the fluid power industry. we are an iso 9001:2015 company and have 30+ year history of supply and service to the distributors, repair shops and oem’s.

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✅ arozone.com industrial fluid handling products aro fluid handling

aro is a leading global manufacturer of fluid handling equipment and industrial fluid management solutions.

✅ northslopechillers.com industrial fluid chillers north slope chillers

north slope chillers manufactures industrial fluid chillers from 1/3 ton entry-level units, up to large 10 ton units. fast lead times with custom capabilities.

✅ coleparmer.com cole parmer fluid handling and analysis supplies from cole parmer germany

cole-parmer germany provides a complete range of fluid handling and analysis products worldwide. have a question, give us a call +49-(0)9377-92030.

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✅ titeflex.com titeflex us hose fluid handling solutions

we are a global leader in the design and development of performance-critical rigid and flexible engineered solutions for the transfer of fluids and gases. learn more.

✅ swagelok.com swagelok.com the source for tube fittings, valves, and other fluid system components swagelok

a $1.8 billion, privately-held company, swagelok company designs, manufactures, and delivers an expanding range of the highest quality fluid system products and solutions. our end-to-end quality system—from sourcing, raw materials and tooling to continuous improvement and predictive maintenance—helps ensure the consistent quality that customers expect.

✅ whitehawkenvironmental.ca whitehawk evironmental dewatering, water transfer, fluid storage

whitehawk management solutions is a cutting-edge fluids management company, started by industry leaders with decades of expertise.

✅ atlanticfluidtech.com atlantic fluid tech

high quality hydraulic valves, pressure controls, flow controls, solenoid valves, directional valves

✅ fluidpress.it fluid press


✅ watson-marlow.com welcome to watson marlow fluid technology group wmftg scroll

watson-marlow fluid technology group is acknowledged as the world leader in niche positive displacement pumps and associated fluid path technologies.

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✅ quakerstate.com motor oil oil filters transmission fluid quaker state

quaker state has a complete line of top-quality motor oils, oil filters, transmisson fluids and other lubricants to keep your vehicle and its systems running longer.

✅ buerkert.ch bürkert fluid control systems weiter einkaufen

bürkert fluid control systems ist ein weltweit führender hersteller von mess-, steuer- und regelungssystemen für flüssigkeiten und gase.

✅ stsaero.com sts aerospace complete fluid transfer solutions

we provide our customers with complete fluid transfer solutions in ptfe flexible, rigid or flex-rigid hybrid assemblies. learn how!

✅ jhf.com fluid power and industrial automation solutions john henry foster

since 1944, john henry foster has been providing fluid power and automation systems, maximizing system performance and productivity. learn more.

✅ interpumpfluidsolutions.com hydraulic hoses hydraulic hose fittings interpump fluid solutions

hydraulic hoses and hydraulic hose fittings supplier. we are a global company offering service and sales of all hydraulic products and associated fittings for industrial and mechanical use. we manufacture hydraulic hoses, fittings and hose crimping machines. contact us today for any requirements for your hoses.

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systemes & composants hydrauliques

🔎manutention 🔎viticole 🔎produits 🔎complementaires 🔎travaux 🔎public

✅ boca-health.com bocahealth the body fluid management company of the future

bocahealth - the body fluid management company of the future

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✅ fluidguy.com the fluid guy orbital welding experts

fluidguy.com is a technical support/service company specializing in orbital welding projects. orbital welding equipment rental and value-added services.

✅ carlisleft.com carlisle fluid technologies

carlisle fluid technologies is a leading global manufacturer of products and systems for the supply, application and curing of sprayed materials including paints, coatings, powders, mastics and bonding materials.

✅ fluidinteractive.com fluid interactive simulation and computer graphics

fluid interactive offers cutting-edge solutions in many fields of engineering and computer graphics, numerical simulation, 3d rendering and energy savings.

✅ dcsolidscontrol.com drilling fluid shale shaker, mud cleaner, agitator, desander, mud gas separator, vacuum degasser supplier&factory

we provide solid control equipment, drilling mud system, shaker screen and solids control equipment spare parts, include submersible slurry pump, drilling cutting box, jet mud mixer, vacuum degaaser, decanter centrifuge, mud gas separator.our products have high quality and competitive prices.

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✅ fluidoffice.com fluid architecture urbanism participation

✅ hygie.com hygie canada body fluid management systems

body waste management, body fluids management, reduce hai in hospitals, healthcare centers, retirement homes

✅ masterfluidsolutions.com master fluid solutions передний край решения для металлообработки

master fluid solutions (master chemical corporation) perrysburg ohio, providing industrial coolants, metalworking fluids, cutting fluids, grinding fluids, milling fluids, cutting oils, concentrated washing compounds, cleaning compounds and rust preventatives all under the trim® trademark

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✅ fluidpumpasia.com fluid machinery exhibition fluid control product equipment expo

fluid pump trade show fluid machinery expo strength the cooperation between fluid machinery manufacturers and customers, pump, valve, pipeline, air blower, compressor, filtration separation equipment, vacuum equipment, purification equipment is core of universal machinery industry.

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✅ friess-online.de friess fluid cleaning made in germany geräte und anlagen

wir reinigen ihre prozessflüssigkeiten! egal ob mit ölskimmer, magnetfilter, ölentwässerung, elektrokoagulation oder ölabscheider.

✅ katchkan.com drilling rig safety, fluid containment and enviromental protection katch kan

katch kan™ has been pro-actively providing sustainable well life cycle solutions™ to the upstream oil and gas industry for over 25 years.

✅ dsti.com engineered fluid solutions rotary unions & joints

dsti is a u.s. manufacturer and global leader in providing high performance fluid rotary unions, joints, and electrical slip rings for a wide range of industry applications.

✅ lewa.com fluid metering pumps and dosing systems lewa

lewa is a leading manufacturer of metering pumps and systems for fluid metering. we have 60 years of experience in consulting, design, and service.

✅ dual-fluid.com dual fluid wir erfinden die kernkraft neu

dual fluid erfindet die kernkraft neu: gut für menschen, gut für die natur. atommüll wird zu strom für generationen.

✅ fgh.ro fluid group hagen

dedicat dezvoltării permanente a sistemelor de măsurare a apei si energiei termice, fluid group hagen s.r.l. este o societate cu capital integral privat, înfiinţată în anul 2000 ca urmare a contopirii activitatii de peste 15 ani a acționarilor ei, in domeniul măsurării apei si energiei termice.

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best prices on fog juice, snow juice, haze fluid, bubbles, scent additives, teckno bubbles, oil haze, water haze, smoke fluid, halloween fog fluid, haze juice, fog liquid, fog machine, snow fluid, smoke machine, halloween fog, dj fog juice, low fog, smoke liquid and low lying fog for stage effects, fog machines, smoke machines, haze machines, fog party, halloween fog, smoke training fluid, fire and rescue fog, special effects fog, fogger, theme park fog effects, fog special effects, disco equipment, disco lights, fog, haze juice, haze machine, smoke training, fire and rescue training, simulated smoke training, fire training, pyrotechnic chemicals, pyrotechnic effects, theater pyrotechnics, and special effects pyrotechnics.

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✅ hyd-et-au-fluid.com leader français de l’hydraulique industrielle hyd&au fluid

distribution de composants | conception & fabrication de systèmes hydrauliques | prestations de services hydrauliques depuis 1977.

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fast & easy fully-fluid™ html5 design studio optimized for mobile with dynamic ad server for pixel-perfect premium creatives. one universal creative can fill max width edge-to-edge to any size programmatically, iab flexible ads with high-impact video, typography, web fonts, content marketing & native ad templates

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stop wasting your coolant! with the vito coolant filter you ensure the quality of your cutting fluid .

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✅ fluidconcrete.com fluid™ concrete technology: robust, handcrafted products

from sourcing quality ingredients and mixing raw materials through to polishing and packaging, our fluidtm concrete technology delivers a streamlined yet sophisticated system that delivers exceptionally robust, handcrafted products.