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create the ultimate online gift registry at myregistry.com. add items from any store in the world onto one universal gift list. great for wedding, baby, bridal shower wishlists and more!

capacity registry cardiac complications in patients with sars c

free honeymoon registry by honeyfund, the #1 cash wedding regist

honeyfund.com is the free honeymoon registry and #1 cash wedding gift registry. unlike other honeymoon registries, honeyfund.com is free for both couples and guests.

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parity registry appeal resources and complaint registry the ke

appeal resources and complaint registry on parity registry…

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the registry people®

domain name registry services godaddy registry

godaddy registry offers a comprehensive suite of services to guide you through the process of establishing and enhancing your new top-level domain.

welcome to tica the international cat association, tica cats, t

welcome to tica - the international cat association, tica cats, tica pedigreed cats, pedigreed cats, pedigreed cats registry, household pet cat registry, domestic cat registry, savannah cat, bengal cat, persian cat, maine coon cat

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regtons registry solution for tld registry

regtons registry provide epp based software with gui , whois, rdap, dnssec, idn and lot of features.

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dreamlist: the meaningful online wishlist and registry maker. ma

make a wish list, birthday list, christmas wish list, wedding, or baby registry that matters to friends and family. add items and experiences from any store. let friends contribute to your big dreams like 529 plans, experiences, big purchases, or classes year-round. import any wishlist or registry and avoid repeats and share just one page. redirect goodwill to people who matter to you. make a shared wish list you can manage together in one app. make a family christmas wish list for kids managed by parents. on any wedding, birthday, christmas, baby shower, and any occasion, your friends and family can put their gift towards your large future purchase fund, favorite causes, trips, projects, or any regular wishlist item. manage lists with teammates. share and manage group wish lists and team shopping lists together.

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celebration registry the registry for any occasion menu icon cl

gift registry for any celebration! free set up, collect gifts anytime, best customer service and used by more hotels than any other registry.

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registry compliance registry compliance home

consulting and contracting for anti-spam legislation

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afrinic the region internet registry (rir) for africa afrinic

afrinic is responsible for the allocation and management of internet numbers (ipv4, ipv6 & asns) resources according to their community backed policy development process (pdp).

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registry cam

registry.cam make your community safer.

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associated registry

association registry provides registration services for purebred livestock.

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homepage the registry

puget sound real estate news

national aed registry™

the national aed registry™ is the leading database for automated external defibrillators, specifically created to help improve sudden cardiac arrest survival rates by linking aeds, cpr certified volunteer responders and sca victims.

the .quest registry

.quest domain names are for gurus, knowledgeable experts, and authorities in any field.

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.pw the professional web registry.pw

.pw is the online destination for professionals and businesses. the professional web is globally accessible, dedicated namespace for professionals and businesses to set up an online presence.

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