python meeting d��sseldorf (pyddf)

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functional testing using python unit test frameworks, including unittest, nose, pytest, doctest, and perhaps more.

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python and django tutorials

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learn python programming at python land, with a free and comprehensive python tutorial, articles, tips and tricks, and courses.

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python programmieren lernen als kostenloser kurs. schritt für schritt bauen wir über tutorials unser wissen auf, lösen aufgaben und programmieren spiele.

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python summit 2021 | das große trainingsevent für python | 19. - 21. april 2021 online | präsentiert von entwickler akademie

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the homepage of the swiss python summit.

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we are specialized in python teaching. regular training courses for the programming language python.

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a free weekly newsletter featuring the best hand curated news, articles, software, events, tools and libraries, new releases etc related to python.

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learn how to create professional user-interfaces for your python apps.

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python - computer science - blog - tech - programming

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learn python online: python tutorials for developers of all skill levels, python books and courses, python news, code examples, articles, and more.

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assistance in python when u need it most

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full-featured python ide with intelligent editor, powerful debugger, remote development error checking, refactoring, and much more. wing was designed from the ground up for interactive python development.

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graphql server implementation built with python 3.6+

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search python jobs and apply for the right python job. remote python jobs and local pythonjobs

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python meeting düsseldorf - ein treffen von python enthusiasten und interessierten in ungezwungener atmospäre.

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プログラミング言語 pythonの紹介・ダウンロードとインストール・python入門講座など

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create react web applications with python using the transcrypt python-to-javascript transpiler.

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python, finance and getting them to play nicely together...a blog all about how to combine and use python for finance, data analysis and algorithmic trading.

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gocept - softwareentwicklung mit python, zope und pyramid

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open source python framework for rapid development of applications that make use of innovative user interfaces, such as multi-touch apps.

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everything i know about software development, testing, python as tutorials.

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learn python online: python tutorials and helpful software engineering career tips

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python for data analytics

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dan bader helps python developers become more awesome. his tutorials, videos, and trainings have reached over half a million developers around the world.

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europe's largest python and javascript development company. 15 years of experience, over 200 developers. product design, devops and mobile all included.

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the weekly podcast about the python programming language, its ecosystem, and its community. tune in for engaging, educational, and technical discussions about how python is being used from data science, through devops, to video games and beyond.

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the python package index (pypi) is a repository of software for the python programming language.

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keras documentation

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paul bissex

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we want to change the world and our applications for better

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your weekly dose of all things python! a free weekly e-mail newsletter for those interested in python development and various topics around python.

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django stars provides startups and enterprises with python development services. as experienced python developers, we apply django development services to build products that people want to use.

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we build scalabale and maintainable webapps and apis. we develop custom, bespoke webapps and mobile backends using django, python, postgres, angular and other modern tools. we love building amazing apps. we have been doing it since 2009. we are doing it right now, and we can do it for you. interested? contact us today.

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softonix provides a full range of outsourcing and outstaffing web development services, using technologies like vue.js, python or node.js. our fast mvp solution using vue.js will save your money and time. we will convert your ideas into ready-to-use web products.

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adimian is a consulting company specialized in scientific python software development, hailing from brussels, belgium.

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pyramid is a lightweight python web framework aimed at taking small web apps into big web apps. this site provides an easy entry point into pyramid.

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lincoln loop is a full-service web studio offering user experience and development based on the django web framework.

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we are a software development company that specializes in python and blockchain technology. we provide full scope development support throughout the whole product lifecycle for both web applications and mobile apps.

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the very successful printed version is finally out of stock since 2018.

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full stack python explains programming concepts in plain language and provides links to the best tutorials for those topics.

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python bytes podcast delivers headlines directly to your earbuds.

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for fast blockchain solutions, lamden is the top python-based blockchain cryptocurrency creation platform for the next generation of dapps. contact us today.

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top software development, web development and web design agency with offices in london, oslo and tallinn. our skills include: python, django, react.js, react native & ux/ui design.

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because software engineering should include more testing

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our team is a dedicated group of technologists and business-minded folks who have a passion for solving business needs with tech-based solutions.

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python/django full-stack developer based in torino, italy

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python pool is a platform where you can learn and become an expert in every aspect of python programming language as well as in ai, ml and data science.

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at its core, cadcad is a differential games engine that supports parameter sweeping and monte carlo analyses and can be easily integrated with other scientific computing python modules and data science workflows.

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recent postings from python-related blogs.

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umang offers hiring of dedicated offshore delphi, python, java, php, android, ios, .net programmers in india. best software company offering application development, maintenance and reengineering services. umang has offices in silicon valley california and goa india.

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individuelle und schöne webapplikationen mit backend-technologien wie python/django und javascript frameworks im fronend.

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helping you deploy with confidence, ship higher quality code, and speed up your application.

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Search: learn python by example offers free content for those looking to learn the python programming language. we offer the above python tutorial with over 4,000 words of content to help cover all the basics. we also offer an email newsletter that provides more tips and tricks to solve your programming objectives.

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tumi development language tutorial network, publishes popular computer-side mobile-side development language tutorials, such as php, java, python, c++, css, sql and other computer languages!

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kivano - разработка веб сайтов на django (python). наша компания образована выпускниками мфти. мы занимаемся программированием на python (django) с 2007 года. специализация: онлайн-сервисы и интернет-магазины.

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code-on is a webdevelopment studio working with python, django, vue, nuxt. we work for international clients.

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python pool map multiple arguments, as in the example above, with multiple sequences, map() expects an n-argument function for n sequences. in the example, pow function takes two arguments on each call. here is another example of map() doing element-wise addition with two lists:

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a nordic it company with a local presence in kochi for over 16 years. hire developers with experience in php, laravel, python, go, apps and web development. we develop custom solutions ranging from 300 to 15000 man-hours per year. talk to one of our experts today.

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der python software verband unterstützt und fördert die python-community im deutschsprachigen raum.

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an online community for showcasing r & python tutorials. it operates as a networking platform for data scientists to promote their skills and get hired. our mission is to empower data scientists by bridging the gap between talent and opportunity.

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jumpstart your programming journey with our engaging projects. clear, concise, and practical videos with no fluff. join 600,000+ students now!

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Search: welcome to

the official home of the python programming language

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build powerful python windows gui apps


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a set of libraries for pluggable business logic components

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tensorly: tensor learning in python -- redirection to stable

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codema software house is a programming agency which provides many types of software programming services. web apps, e-commerce. crm, erp, cms, dedicated systems.

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unit testing and mocking tools: c/c++, java, javascript, .net, php, python, ruby, flex

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мы занимаемся созданием сайтов на 1с-битрикс и django с 2011 года, продвижением, сопровождением сайтов, созданных на 1с-битрикс или django.

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we are a web development company specialized in django web framework and python programming language. discover our projects and our technologies!

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an easy to use web platform for c and python

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python training, contracting and consulting. automated testing specialist.

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egenix™ is your leading partner for python and database focused custom projects, services, coaching, consulting and products. we implement business ideas - efficiently in both time and costs.

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the san diego python user group is a programming language special interest group with hundreds of active members and regular meetups. it is free to join and open to members of all skill levels.

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python pizza is a 1 day micro-conference organised around the world to unite the love of pizza and python

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argentina en python es un proyecto personal y comunitario que promueve el uso del lenguaje de programación python en diferentes países

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join 30000 students in the algorithmic trading course and mentorship programme that truly cares about you. learn practical python for finance and trading for real world usage.

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our hands-on data science courses will help you learn data skills: r, python and sql — so you can grow your data science career.

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tsfresh python, tsfreshによる特徴抽出のついて. mmtaro000. 総合スコア 0. python. pythonは、コードの読みやすさが特徴的なプログラミング言語の1つです。. 強い型付け、動的型付けに対応しており、後方互換性がないバージョン2系とバージョン3系が使用されています。. 商用製品 ...

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useful python snippets. curated list of python snippets. python tricks. python, django, python code, python tricks, python snippets.

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grupo python vigo

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pptk python, cracks & numbers 2 4504 1 june 2002 - ¥ surfers serials 01-06-2002 - ¥ intro surfers serials june 2002 # this is the last issue # surfer waves goodbye !!!!

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python 2.7 will retire in 2020. learn more and see the countdown here.

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at python bikes, we provide a large range of bikes that allow riders of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of riding. we offer a comprehensive line of bikes that suit the needs of riders across the uk.

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now powered by flux capacitors! and with 100% more electrolytes

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pillow: the friendly pil fork

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vfxpy: python 3 support graph for most popular python libraries and dcc applications used in vfx production

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grow your python skills with our detailed courses and articles that solve real-world problems

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windowing fft python, first, let us go through the steps to solving a problem relating to the windowing method of fir filters. step 1: find out. the equation can be given directly in the equation. the value of m can be given and you have to calculate α= (m-1)/2. the phase delay is given, the value of α, with which you can find out.

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data science news and tutorials - contributed by python bloggers

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deploy python provides details on every full stack python deployments book for flask and django.

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my personal serverless website where i blog and store useful snippets for python software development, machine learning and data engineering.

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python programming tutorials, projects and books. maker of lo-fi & retro-inspired games and gadgets.

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python tutorials for beginners and experienced programmers

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welcome to the brand new monty python online store - featuring exclusive merchandise, dvds, music plus much more

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rollbar provides real-time error tracking & debugging tools for developers. javascript, php, ruby, python, node.js, android, ios, apex & more languages supported.

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learn typed code through a programming game. learn python, javascript, and html as you solve puzzles and learn to make your own coding games and websites.

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the click reader is an education platform, focused on providing data science education to students all around the globe.​

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Search: pysdr: a guide to sdr and dsp using python

Search: plot a pie chart in python

Search: scim server python

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python and data science for everyone

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train tesseract ocr python, in the "better than tesseract" category is also microsoft azure ocr (not as good as google) and the ocr api (also not as good as google, but 100* times cheaper/free, and supports pdf). the best - and most expensive - solution is still abbyy ocr. they provide an sdk than can be used locally.

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Search: cython: cextensions for python

Search: welcome to python cheatsheet! pysheeet

collect useful python snippets for pythoneers or non-pythoneers.

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拥有优质的 python 实战教程及源代码, 包括但不限于实用工具, 机器学习, 量化投资, 人工智能, 自然语言处理, web开发教程, 还有各种强大的图像处理, 音频处理代码及工具。

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python fast plotting, easily plot graphs in your website using plotly + python 100 billion ways to plot data on the web, but this one is the easiest for the last few days i have been scratching my head.

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Search: linguaggio di programmazione python

Search: video classification python

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the most in-depth, fully virtual python conference

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a pledge to drop python 2 support by 2020.

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Search: python programming studio

Search: chaquopy python sdk for android

Search: adventures in python debugging

Search: vítejte farma python

Search: thonny, python ide for beginners

Search: scientific python ecosystem

community developed and owned ecosystem for scientific computing

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career community for data scientists, machine learning engineers & developers. discover jobs, events & courses

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česká (a tak trochu i slovenská) komunita kolem programovacího jazyka python.

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an hour of python

Search: ★ moscow python meetup

Search: 99.6% → 99.6%

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python finance stocks, python for finance - stock price trend analysis. balance sheet - analysis and plotting using python. and we are to the end of building an amazing stock research terminal with python.

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Search: docstring

le meilleur site francophone pour devenir développeur python grâce à nos formations, exercices et projets.

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your ultimate guide for building great python projects

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Search: matt hughes fullstack web developer javascript, react, python,

Search: программирование на python. online курс для разработчиков

python – простой, гибкий и невероятно популярный язык, который используется практически во всех областях современной разработки. с его помощью можно создавать веб-приложения, писать игры, заниматься анализо

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online hulp met data, sql, excel, vba, python of r

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applicable, real world python coding exercises to get you learning python quickly! strengthen your current skills, train for a new job, learn new python concepts and join an incredible python community.

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everything about sqlite, python, open data and awesome software

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deep dive into big data, machine learning and python with industry experts. get hands-on experience to become data scientist or data engineer.

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Search: bonobo • dataprocessing for humans • python etl

bonobo is an extract transform load (etl) framework for python 3.5+. quick install, ten minutes to get started, write and run your first data processor.

Search: dask: scalable analytics in python

Search: awesome python repositories pythonrepo

a curated list of awesome python frameworks, libraries and software

Search: north bay python november 2 and 3, 2019

north bay python, a community-organized conference, returns to petaluma, california on november 2 and 3, 2019.

Search: pydigger unearthing stuff about python

Search: python strftime reference cheatsheet

Search: python academy spezialist für pythonschulungen

wir sind auf pythonschulungen spezialisiert. regelmäßige kurse für die programmiersprache python.

Search: python conference indonesia 2020

pycon indonesia is a conference where python users, or people interested in python, gather to learn from each other and meet other members of the community.

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python cameroon -

Search: vašek keberdle php programátor (js, python)

Search: 158学习网首页专业提供sw非标自动化设计与机械设计,python,java与croe2.0等视频教程权威资源下载


Search: monty python official site

the official online home for all things monty python. pages of everything you’ll ever need to know about monty python and their movies, tv shows, books, live stage shows, apps and latest projects, as well as exclusive videos, news and a fanwall where all your #montypython content will live. also, find information about the individual pythons - graham chapman, john cleese,

Search: nbshare share your r and python notebooks is a platform to learn data analytics using python, will find lot of notebooks on topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and basic python coding examples on data analytics, how to scrape a website, how to setup a mirror etc.

Search: 『啸月seo』互联网民工博客:seo、运营、python、建站、服务器等互联网技术技能分享!


Search: effective python › the book: second edition

effective python will prepare you to make a big impact with python.

Search: lxml processing xml and html with python

lxml - the most feature-rich and easy-to-use library for processing xml and html in the python language


Search: pyamsterdam: python community website

pyamsterdam is a community of python users gathering for meetups and workshops in amsterdam.

Search: python dependency management group

keep your python dependencies secure, up-to-date and compliant.

Search: anvil build web

anvil is a free python-based drag-and-drop web app builder

Search: a crossplatform ide for c, c++, python, qmljavascript and php

Search: evennode node.js and python web hosting

Search: mock boto3 resource python

mock boto3 resource python, 0note that the decorators will destroy any resources on start, so make sure to not accidentally destroy any resources created by the threadedmotoserver that should be kept. note the threadedmotoserver is considered in beta for now, and the exact interface and behaviour may still change.

Search: 5месячный онлайнкурс python для пентестера

Search: python executable not found windows

Search: postgresql driver for python psycopg

python adapter for postgresql

Search: bitwise operator in python w3schools

bitwise operator in python w3schools, python what does zip do ... › python for in zip › zip method in python › python zip command python zip() function - w3schools ...

Search: quantrocket datadriven trading with python

Search: tradewithscience algorithmic trading python

we are sharing algorithmic trading strategies, ideas, and codes. to help you find your edge. we cover topics from trading & investing, through python in finance and strategy building.

Search: pygrunn the python and friends conference

Search: tracking personal finances using python ?

learn how to build a simple, privacy-aware, and developer-friendly workflow to keep your personal finances in check.

Search: ariadne · python graphql schemafirst

a python library for implementing graphql servers using schema-first approach.

Search: qutip quantum toolbox in python

Search: automate the boring stuff with python

Search: seiden group: php, python, node & rpg on ibm i

seiden group helps ibm i teams deliver innovative, reliable software solutions using ibm i data, business logic, and open source technologies.

Search: pep 8: the style guide for python code

Search: dipy diffusion imaging in python

dipy is a free and open source software project for computational neuroanatomy, focusing mainly on diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (dmri) analysis. it implements a broad range of algorithms for denoising, registration, reconstruction, tracking,

Search: мастерскаяшкола программирования на python

обучение программированию в маленьких группах, проекты на каждом уроке. преподаватели ясно доносят материал. три бесплатных занятия.

Search: raagin web дизайн & разработка html, css, javascript, python,

raagin web-дизайн и разработка. создание web-интерфейсов, разработка структуры сайтов и ее визуального представления.

Search: online compiler and editor ide for java, c c++, php,

is a free online compiler, editor, ide for java, c, c++, php, perl, python, ruby. code online - share save java/c/c++/perl/python/ruby online

Search: rmotr by ine online python data science academy

a self paced data science course to make you an expert in python programming, data analysis, machine learning.

Search: swiss platform as a service for your ruby, python, node.js

Search: laragon portable, isolated, fast & powerful universal development environment

laragon is a fast & powerful local development environment.

Search: learn python with penjee. your kids will be typing their

Search: 前端,python,编程技术,医疗器械 hello 前端俱乐部己所不欲、勿施于人


Search: sulipy python programozás kezdőknek és haladóknak

programozás alapjai python nyelven. python programozás kezdőknek és haladóknak. informatika érettségi programozási feladatainak megoldása. ingyenes oktatási platform.íránytű a kezdetekhez, hogy el ne tévedj, és hogy biztosan élvezd! videók az új anygahoz, összefoglalók, feladatok és extra!

Search: selenium headless chrome python linux

selenium headless chrome python linux, may 12, 2016 · headless browser python. lollapalooza cashless headless browser python. recent posts. livestock auction virginia. quisque in nulla ut metus tostada salad bowl pollo loco.

Search: ray scaling python made simple, for any workload

ray makes it ridiculously simple to scale your compute-intensive python workloads. from reinforcement learning to large-scale model serving, ray makes the power of distributed compute easy and accessible to every engineer.

Search: marc andre lemburg: all things python

blog by marc-andré lemburg, senior software architect, python core developer, trainer, coach and consultant

Search: pyvec, neziskovka české python komunity

jsme servisní organizace české komunity kolem programovacího jazyka python

Search: pdoc – generate api documentation for python projects

pdoc is a simple tool to auto-generate api documentation for python libraries. it uses your existing docstrings and requires no configuration.

Search: indypy indiana python user group

website for indypy, a regional python meetup in indianapolis, in usa.

Search: lietuviška python programavimo platforma

susipažink su angies pasauliu: peržiūrėk 14 video serijų ir įveik įdomias misijas, suprask kaip veikia python. viskas nemokamai, lietuvių kalba ir online!

Search: pext python based extendable tool

the python-based extendable tool.

Search: the ultimate monty python site

Search: dotpy 2020 the tediest python conference

Search: r5网提供软件定制发单,技术接单,python,易语言,java,c++,js等技术兼职


Search: zetcode c#, python, java, javascript, go programming

zetcode provides accessible tutorials for python, c#, java, javascript, and go programming languages.

Search: just r things topics in data science with r

topics in data science with r (and sometimes python)

Search: best libraries and frameworks for your python projects pythonstacks

find the best python libraries and frameworks that are a perfect match for your next python project.

Search: разработка сложных проектов на python – just work

проектирование и разработка highload-проектов. разработка полезных мобильных приложений. аутсорс разработка на python. консалтинг и аудит.

Search: python packaging authority pypa documentation

Search: python learner dave ramsey phl

dave ramsey is a python coder on a data science track. he would love to do data science projects helping the coffee industry, american democracy, or the science of mindfulness.

Search: dev oops all things arch, debian and python

Search: graphical python programming editor stremecoder

stremecoder is a graphical python programming editor that provides an environment for creating and managing python programs that is accessible to non-programmers and programmers alike

Search: sebastian witowski python consultant and trainer

sebastian witowski - python freelancer, consultant, and trainer.

Search: ponyorm python orm with beautiful query syntax

Search: an ml ready fast dataframe for python ?

out-of-core dataframes for python, ml, visualize and explore big tabular data at a billion rows per second ? | pandas alternative

Search: welcome to pysb: systems biology modeling in python

Search: python high performance wire rope

Search: pyladies women who love coding in python

Search: dataprep the easiest way to prepare data in python

dataprep is designed and optimized for computational notebooks, the most popular environment among data scientists

Search: host, run, and code python in the cloud: pythonanywhere

host, run, and code python in the cloud: pythonanywhere

Search: 马哥教育「官网」 专业linux云计算运维、sre、devops、容器云、python、go开发培训机构!


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welcome to pybites thanks for stopping by. if you love coding, python and self improvement, you have come to the right place. we started out in the it business 15 years ago and over the years we...

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Search: pyweek python game programming challenge

Search: promptar lead python trainer

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digital agency in rouen (france) building custom web projects, specialized in python, react, django, postgresql, performance & sustainability.

Search: pytech summit 2021 (online) największa konferencja o python

pytech summit 2022 (online) to największa polska konferencja poświęcona python. w tym roku konferencja odbywa się w dniu 17.05.2022 roku w formie transmisji online. skierowana jest do pasjonatów pythona z profilu mid i senior. konferencja zapewnia najwyższy poziom wykładów prowadzonych przez topowe postaci z polskiego świata python oraz przedstawicieli wiodących fi

Search: enterpy 2021: die online konferenz für python in business, web

die enterpy thematisiert in online-vorträgen den einsatz von python in unternehmen.

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online python scriptovací hra.

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learn python language comprehensively or simply upskill yourself with our interactive online courses. start growing your mind today

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java, java ee, android, python, web development tutorials

Search: mukautetut ohjelmistopalvelut web, php, python, go eurooppalainen hallinto

intialainen web- ja ohjelmistokehitysyritys. palkkaa kehittäjät, joilla on kokemusta php: stä, laravelista, pythonista, goista, sovelluksista ja web-kehityksestä. kehitämme räätälöityjä ratkaisuja, jotka vaihtelevat välillä 300–15000 henkilötyötuntia vuodessa. keskustele yhden asiantuntijamme kanssa tänään.

Search: mpmath python library for arbitraryprecision floatingpoint arithmetic

Search: gunicorn python wsgi http server for unix

Search: transcrypt python in the browser lean,

the transcrypt python to javascript compiler makes it possible to program lean and fast browser applications in python. transcrypt applications can use any javascript library and can also run on top of node.js or be used in combination with django.

Search: pelican static site generator, powered by python


easily create professional-quality desktop applications for windows, mac and linux. unlock the power of qt5 from python with pyqt. welcome to the complete guide to building python guis with pyqt5.

Search: individuell webentwicklung php javascript

Search: dodavatel it specalistů vývoj webových aplikací v php

Search: making music with computers creative programming in python

jythonmusic is a python-based environment for music making and creative programming. it supports music, images, guis, and connecting to midi and osc devices.

Search: python tools for data visualization pyviz 0.0.1 documentation

Search: bowler · safe code refactoring for modern python

safe code refactoring for modern python

Search: justin mayer python • infosec • maintainer

justin mayer is a software designer & developer, open-source maintainer, and conference speaker.

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freelance python developer. looking for a programmer for hire? get a professional with 10+ years python exp who will work all-out to make your product a success.

Search: distributedpython celery, docker and kubernetes

celery, docker and kubernetes - for python developers

Search: hardwaresoftware entwicklung (raspberry pi, arduino, python, …)

Search: pycon lithuania 2021 python and pydata conference

pycon lithuania is anual conference that brings together hundreds of python and data enthusiasts and professionals.

Search: regexplanet online regular expression (regex) testing and cookbook for:

regexplanet - online regular expression (regex) testing and cookbook for: go, haskell, java, javascript, .net, perl, php, postgresql, python, ruby, tcl & xregexp

Search: online compiler and ide >> cc++, java, php, python, perl

compile various programming languages online. add input stream, save output, add notes and tags.

Search: debuggex: online visual regex tester. javascript, python, and

test your regex by visualizing it with a live editor. javascript, python, and pcre.

Search: python programmierkurse für kinder, jugendliche und erwachsene spielend python programmierkurse für kinder, jugendliche und erwachsene

Search: thoughts on python, data science, and related

thoughts on python, data science, and related tools.

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hébergeur mutualisé. venez nous essayer avec notre première offre gratuite: 100 mo, php4, php5 et perl, 2 bases mysql, imap/ssl, pop3/ssl.

Search: roští.cz chytrý hosting (python, nodejs, php, ruby, redis)

Search: rupy 2007 2013: python, ruby & javascript conference

rupy is a unique tech conference that brings together communities from programming languages such ruby, python, javascript and related technologies.

Search: poetry python dependency management and packaging made easy

python dependency management and packaging made easy

Search: easy, clean, reliable python 23 compatibility pythonfuture documentation

Search: exercices corrigés de maths, ressources latex et python

site de ressources mathématiques et informatiques (python et latex). vous y trouverez des exercices corrigés, des fiches, des vidéos,...

Search: data science analytics & python programming courses singapore

coding classes taught by highly qualified instructors for kids, teens and working professionals. skillsfuture singapore subsidy available.

Search: еженедельная подборка свежих и самых значимых новостей o python

еженедельная подборка свежих и самых значимых новостей o python

Search: pycon russia самая крупная конференция c любовью к

pycon russia 2020

Search: spacy · industrial strength natural language processing in python

spacy is a free open-source library for natural language processing in python. it features ner, pos tagging, dependency parsing, word vectors and more.

Search: かんたん作成【html css javascript php cgi perl ruby python .htaccess】

ホームページ作成用プログラムサンプル集 かんたん作成【html css javascript php cgi perl ruby python .htaccess】

Search: harshad kavathiya python developer at accion labs india

python developer at honeywell technology solutions, bamgalore

Search: application monitoring for ruby, php, node.js, python, and elixir ~

rails monitoring, django monitoring, elixir phoenix monitoring, php laravel monitoring, and more that identifies slow database queries, memory leaks, and slow custom code.

Search: dragonpy python conference ljubljana, slovenia april 2020

Search: scanyp :: python static analysis and code quality tool

python static code analysis and code quality tool.

Search: 张志明的个人博客 熟悉ansible,docker,zabbix,python,shell,iptables的这么一个devops


Search: host local training courses for devops, in git, linux, jenkins

host local training sessions for git, python, test automation, jenkins, devops, google and amazon cloud

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разработка эффективного сайта любой сложности от лендинга и интернет-магазина до стартапа. полный комплекс услуг по разработке, продвижению и поддержке сайта. seo и smm оптимизация. повышение скорости сайта.

Search: 把酒诗代码,趁乱写年华。 是谁来自 python java, 却囿于 php, go 与 lua.

Search: open source hacker html5, python, javascript, linux an

get your dose of linux, python, javascript, html5, mobile and other cool and free technology.

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.. programovací jazyk python, zope, pycz, programování

Search: source code analysis tools java, javascript, .net, php, c++,

commercial, free and open source source code analysis tools for java, javascript, .net, c#, c, c++, ruby, php : findbugs, jshint, pmd, jlint

Search: jelastic хостинговая платформа для java, php, ruby, python, node.js

Search: python nltk demos and natural language text processing apis

python nltk demos and apis for natural language processing. sentiment analysis, part of speech tagging, phrase chunking and named entity recognition.

Search: aclarknet ·

professional python® and open source consulting & programming since 2004

Search: technik blog programmieren arduino

technikblog von stefan draeger, hier dreht sich alles ums löten, programmieren und um den arduino.

Search: fabdev programmation informatique, analyse de

Search: про язык python: справочник, видео, статьи, книги, работа и прочее

Search: starnavi – web and software development services for creators

tech partners for innovators, creators, disruptors and doers. when you’re reaching for the stars, you need a good star navigator. we’ll build a tech foundation that will put your company ahead of your competition.

Search: pyquant news resources for developers using python for

resources for developers using python for scientific computing and quantitative analysis

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hieu tech blog - chia sẻ kiến thức lập trình python, .net, javascript

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python consulting,python training,python courses,unix training,c training,cyberweb consulting,technical consultants,software engineering,web site design,corporate training,technical editing,beginning python,core python,core python programming,internet programming with python,internet programming with python,internet programming with python,internet programming with python,in

Search: antoniovivace antoniovivace i do software at cern. open source babblings.

i do software at cern. open source babblings. unrequested opinions as blog posts and some python and linux notes.

Search: salesforce, python, sql, & other ways to put your data

salesforce, python, sql, & other ways to put your data where you need it -- a bilingual blog in english & french

Search: made with mu a blog to celebrate projects

a blog to celebrate projects that use the mu python code editor to create cool stuff.

Search: women and code javascript,html,css,python,courses,web development,tutorials,programming,training,learning,lessons,modules,learning group,study group,feminist,women,coding,beginners,hackathon

women and code is an initiative to bring women* into programming in austria. we offer different events such as a javascript, a web dev, and a python study group for beginners which takes place every second week in vienna. we also offer intensive workshops and hackathons to complement our bi-weekly events. javascript web dev python…

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поиск it работы для программистов python, java, javascript, php, c#, c++, 1c в москве, подбор резюме и вакансий для разработчиков.

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вакансії для it розробників ⊳⊳⊳ intellias ✔ складні проекти ✔ сучасні фреймворки ✔ комфортні умови ✔ закордонні відрядження

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python-based fully-featured bitcoin wallet software

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webhostpython offers reliable python/django hosting, vps hosting, reseller and business hosting, along with 24/7 live customer support and instant setup. freedom. performance. power

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maykin media focuses on the technology behind your website or webapplication. by specializing on python and django, we provide efficient and professional webdevelopment.

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