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a gathering of resources and tools to help leaders clearly think ahead

arkansas pastors network standing in the gap for truth

rabbinic pastors association for jewish renewal and healing

the rpa brings together ordained rabbinic pastors and other similarly trained jewish clergy to participate in the transformation and renewal of judaism.

rpts study under pastors reformed presbyterian theological seminary

rpts - a seminary where you will gain much more than an education, you will find love, friendships and a deep sense of community. if you’re looking for more than an education, come join us as we study under pastors.

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pastoring of pastors every pastor with a christ like mentor. every church with healthy leadership.

national black robe regiment: equip pastors. engage culture.

the national black robe regiment: we equip pastors to engage culture. we stand for religious freedom, life, family and marriage.

church leader insights with nelson searcy: maximizing pastors & church leaders

nelson searcy and church leader insights are more committed than ever to helping you maximize your leadership and grow your church, all for the glory of god