open source evolution cms the world’s fastest open source php content management system

your creative vision no restrictions no compromise. wide choice of add-ons. install with just one click. evolution cms. valetudo open source cloud replacement for vacuum robots enabling localonly operation

open source cloud replacement for vacuum robots enabling local-only operation osdxp for wordpress open source dxp for the enterprise

osdxp is an open source dxp for the enterprise. this digital experience platform is a framework that expands and augments wordpress. @hatless1der blog open source intelligence for everyone open source data labeling label studio

a flexible data labeling tool for all data types. prepare training data for computer vision natural language processing speech voice and video models. pyregence » open source fire science

we’re using the latest scientific research to develop next-generation computer models that will provide accurate short- and long-term wildfire risk forecasts.

wildfire forecast fire modeling fire science open source science wildfire research extreme weather open source sterling project

ossp: building a tokenized british pound for global commerce the open source sterling project is a technology project that builds and maintains the core ledger open source & cloudbased test automation platform for modern teams

powerful open source test automation platform that works out of the box and lets everyone automate tests for web apps mobile apps and apis in minutes. sign up for free today.

test automation automated testing tool open source ui elements made with css and html open source metaverse stack for web3 communities odyssey

momentum enables digital societies to create build and scale together in an open source decentralized metaverse network.

odyssey momentum metaverse kusama kusamaverse odyssey momentum web3 open source insights unitexgramlab open source corpus processing suite

unitex/gramlab is an open source cross-platform multilingual lexicon- and grammar-based corpus processing suite

natural language processing nlp corpus unitex gramlab fossa systems global costeffective iot connectivity fossa systems open source satellite development

a low-power iot connectivity service for all size businesses leading satellite iot communications for industrial iot applications. salaboy (open source knowledge) amundsen the leading open source data catalog amundsen github join us read stories see channel tdengine time series database an open source tsdb

enables efficient real-time data ingestion processing and monitoring of tb and even pb scale data per day generated by billions of sensors osc international the international open source community zwilnik linux and open source goodness

linux and open source goodness xswing plus » a free open source arcade game remake open source gta iii engine reimplementation openrw

openrw is a free open source re-implementation of the grand theft auto iii pc video game. spring:1944 free open source wwii rts freecivweb open source turnbased strategy game

play freeciv online in 2d or 3d! freeciv is an empire-building strategy game starting at the dawn of time. can you survive to dominate a modern world? open source game clones

list of open source clones and remakes of popular old-school games.

open source game clone remake remakes ingestum extensible scalable free open source ingestion calaos open source home automation indiafoss conference 2.0 free and open source software conference in bengaluru india

free and open source software conference by foss united community. july 23-24 | nimhans bangalore the cdn for open source fonts open source jobhub

find your place in the open source ecosystem

open source jobs careers linux cloud developer it programming foss open hardware 443id real time risk api for open source intelligence data open source low code development dmk ebusiness losst linux open source software technologies

linux open source software technologies. все о свободном программном обеспечении и операционной системе linux. fahim murshed wordpress enthusiastic and open source lover ashnik open source consulting it services & training

ashnik is a leading open source consulting company enabling clients to adopt database container kubernetes microservices devops and cloud technologies. open source ecosystem osclass evo free classifieds script in php open source official website

open source free classifieds script - osclass evolution. create your classifieds site for a free with osclass evolution php script. official website. open source event manager

event management tailored for free and open source community conferences. free url shortner for brands and open source bitly alternative shortstat

free url shortner for your business & brands with robust marketing features and open source alternative to bitly. free open source tailwind css components hyperui

free tailwind css components that can be used in your next project. perfect for laravel rails react vue and more. jordan open source association open source erp & crm software for business on the cloud flectrahq flectra the open source erp and crm

flectrahq is open source erp and crm including sales accounting purchase inventory cms and ecommerce system for growth of a business on cloud or on premise

crm erp cms ecommerce accounting inventory business open source purchase flectra open source game engine » gangster legends v2

gangster legends v2 is an open source game engine written in php. you can easily make a make a mafia/gangster themed game. wow open box (open source compliant multiboxing) wow open box (open source world of warcraft multiboxing)

open source world of warcraft rules compliant multiboxing. open source stuff 大财配资债券配资 基金配资业务股票十倍杠杆正规平台advanced open source database php training softwarequalität und soziale open source projekte

never code alone als sachverständiger für webdesign und event veranstalter software-qualität beim webdesign. kicon cross platform and open source electronics design automation suite open source tech agnostic rest soa stack restya

trello like kanban board based on restya platform. high performance shopping cart system using restya platform. ovoo passion creativity innovation and experience we create tailormade software for telecom operators and large enterprises. we are certified experts in the field of telecommunications systems op

we create tailor-made software for telecom operators and large enterprises. we are certified experts in the field of telecommunications systems open source environments and blockchain. we provide knowledge professional architecture and integrate past and future worlds. our solutions are always in line with current trends. we power by open source evolution 60check 60check 60check

viele starke ichs für ein noch stärkeres wir. entdecke die we power in dir und erfahre wie du deine we power leben kannst. symbiopen *symbiosis through open (source) technologies and communication semsol web semantics open source projects pionix emobility powered by open source open source hub find opensource projects

find your next open-source project! on open source hub maintainers advertise their projects for free and make it easy to onboard new contributors the bookpoints project open source summer reading applications 4vio cyber security cyber intelligence open source intelligence

cyber security | cyber intelligence | open source intelligence

cyber security information security cyber threat intelligence cyber intelligence open source intelligence fraud detection malware osint analysis intelligence software development eğitim hack hacker osint tools osint api fdp api cti api ip api klepsydra community an open source framework for high performance edge data processing.

an open source framework for high performance edge data processing. open source live intelligence (oslint) intel news & alerts

open source live intelligence (oslint) - intel news & alerts watchdog an open source research collective. neuron: open source industrial iot connectivity server

neuron is an open-source lightweight iiot connectivity server that empowers industrial devices with the key iot connectivity capabilities in the industry 4.0 era. open source cyborg transhumanist rants netvalue hamilton open source software development netvalue

hamilton open source software development | netvalue osm open source management consulenza aziendale

osm - open source management è una società di consulenza che da più di 20 anni ha come obiettivo quello di sviluppare e far crescere le imprese italiane. asciidoctor a fast open source text processor and publishing toolchain for converting asciidoc content to html5 docbook pdf and other formats. bcmeter low cost aethalometer open source black carbon measurement codelite • a free open source cross platform c c++ php and node.js ide fusioniam federation of software to offer a global open source iam solution blog o open source

katalog volně šiřitelného softwaru články a návody pro oblíbené programy které jsou zdarma. open source ledger for platforms & fintechs

numary makes it easy to build complex money-moving software with its open-source ledger & numscript programming language. online linux and open source technology books and how to guides

on-line linux and open source technology books and how to guides dokos: open source business platform for sme menu

business platform for sme open source security software

freshermeat - open source security software expert open source software services catalyst it canada

catalyst it is a multi-region company that provides open source development services for open source software: lms moodle and totara plus drupal cms. expert open source solutions catalyst it europe expert open source software services catalyst it australia

catalyst it is a multi-region open source software services company that supports enterprise moodle lms totara lms and drupal cms. best open source help desk: zendesk & help scout alternative crogecoin open source peertopeer digital asset

obliv-creative html template

html5 template one page template leanding page themeforest template ckavart ckav template multipurpose template osahl open source afro hair library

open source afro hair library indiaos 2020 an open source conference hossted enterprise ready open source on the cloud

instantly deploy open source projects on the cloud with built-in support and enterprise features. yenlo integration experts with the open source wso2 platform

wso2 platinum value-added reseller yenlo delivers integration services on a global level with i.a. wso2 consultancy support & api management. latest blockchain service provider platforms fastest blockchain technology network open source blockchain techpay

techpay provides the fastest and latest blockchain technology service provider open source blockchain platform and transactions per second blockchain proven open source php web software scripts for web business

iscripts develops unique paid and free open source web and mobile applications for entrepreneurs. these revenue-generating scripts used to start turnkey online businesses.

php programming mysql free script fleet for osquery open source device management

open source software built on osquery. with fleet you can ask important questions about your devices. whatever operating system wherever they live. open source software software development college hoops and other stuff

open source software software development college hoops and other stuff aberwiki open source wiki platform

aberwiki is an open source wiki platform that offers a variety of it technology information. open source inteligence wiki is a place where you can add and find articles about it related material. intégrateur solutions logicielles open source entreprises

vinc expert intégrateur hébergeur et infogéreur de serveurs dédiés et de solutions et logiciels open source pour entreprises : cms e-commerce base de données entreprises plate-forme big data. librecores · free and open source silicon scopefun open source oscilloscope

open source oscilloscope waveform generator spectrum analyzer logic analyzer pattern generator. cross platform - software runs on windows linux and mac. mainflux open source iot platform

open-source patent-free full stack iot platform recognized by linux foundation. highly performant scalable and secure. built as a set of microservices containerized by docker and orchestrated with kubernetes. easy to deploy on-premises or in the cloud. data pipeline. open source dataops platform meltano

data pipeline and modular open source dataops platform. meltano brings the benefits of open source and devops best practices to data integration and dataops. open source th share video content contact download event eventwifi cross checkmark close iconwindowedit iconfiledownload iconphone xing whatsapp wkozahlendatenfakten wkowirtschaftrechtundgewe firefly iii a free and open source personal finance manager

firefly iii home quine open source streaming graph for eventdriven applications

quine streaming graph combines the real-time performance of event stream processing with the rich query syntax of graph database technologies to detect complex event patterns across multiple data streams without time windows. integrates with kafka kinesis other streaming data systems as well as batch processing from databases. for data engineers and data scientists. sarapis: solving problems the open source way

sarapis is us-based nonprofit organization advancing the free/libre/open source movement by helping ngos community groups and governments solve problems using open source software open data practices and participatory design strategies. parca open source infrastructurewide continuous profiling parca optimized storage & querying open standards prometheus save money improve performance understand incidents

open source infrastructure-wide continuous profiling runelite open source old school runescape client

a popular free open-source and super fast client for old school runescape gabriel varaljay parallel entrepreneur digital marketing and social media punk and growth hacker. startupper who believes in maker movement open source hardware solutions and cosmolocalization (de

with executing a number of growth hacking and digital media strategies i can promote businesses to growth. i am a parallel entrepreneur: a ceo & co-founder of envienta (us uk spain) and coo & co-founder of nonsimplevison (uk). i was among the first community influencers in hungary who wrote about the expected revolutionary effect of twitter and facebook - before anybody would even take notice of the social media phenomenon. my writings still serve as a foundation for many further studies on the subject. i was a founder of sm.mag the first interactive ipad magazine. later i moved to south korea to study business and culture so i could implement new practices in my later ventures in england like envienta or vixt. alongside our video-tech company with my co-founder i started a envienta open source everything is open source

high quality software like online hotel booking and car rental applications and web services by is open source based on open source elxis cms. is open source

software web services web hosting hotel booking software car rental software seminars open source software php development elxis cms ioannis sannos athens inuits open source innovators

looking for an it-partner? with years of experience and in-house it experts inuits build solutions to your problems with open source software.

[open source devops internet of things business process management point of sale software as a service it service]