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muslim is a news outlet, media publication and online community for millennials and gen-z muslims to empower each other and share our lifestyles and views.

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muslims for liberty » "there is no compulsion... "

a group devoted to muslims and supporters of liberty, the constitution, jeffersonian ideals and concepts of freedom.

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theshukran the social network made by muslims.

the noble quran the holy book of muslims

start reading the quran online! listen to beautiful audio, read quran translation in your language and explore the holy book in a mobile-friendly interface.

winning muslims in iran for christ! tbn nejat tv

tbn nejat tv is converting muslims to christ in iran through tv.

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books on islam, muslims, prophet muhammad(s), ahlul bayt alislam.org

free the muslims detained in chinese concentration camps save uighur

millions of muslims are detained at chinese concentration camps. this is the largest mass detention of people since the holocaust. join us & act now.

isa al masih: a place for muslims to learn about islam and christianity [home] (multilingual)

a great information site about isa al masih (jesus christ), god, the tawrat, zabur and injil, christianity, and more - with text, audio and video.

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good news for muslims explores islam, the quran, christianity, the bible, and jesus christ

wisconsin green muslims connecting faith, environmental justice, sustainability and healing through education and service

connecting faith, environmental justice, sustainability and healing through education and service

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islam guide: a brief illustrated guide to understanding islam, muslims, & the quran

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