memo a data platform for the new era of Search: increase value and impact through data collaboration. the brighthive

brighthive’s platform and services allow you to collaborate with other organizations in your network to solve shared problems and achieve common goals. Search: data privacy platform customer data management platform privacy

trunomi. the only data privacy platform your business will ever need. gdpr. ccpa. lgpd. eprivacy. psd2. open banking. the privacy act. the privacy bill. Search: the customer data platform built for the enterprise amperity

the customer data platform built for the enterprise, turning siloed customer data into game-changing customer experiences. Search: enterprise customer data platform treasure data

see how our enterprise customer data platforms unify marketing data from multiple sources to improve targeting, segmentation and personalization, differently than other cdp vendors. Search: platform strategy, cloud transformation, enterprise data and ai platform

xenonstack is ai first, data driven and cloud native organization enabling businesses towards platform strategy, engineering and development. Search: dmpkit by cleverdata data management & customer data platform

dmpkit by cleverdata - a solution for your own data management platform (dmp)/ сustomer data platform (cdp) Search: data driven marketing customer data platform

ascent360 is a data driven marketing platform that helps you understand your customer base, grow your business and more. Search: data privacy, security governance platform gdpr, ccpa, lgpd

at secuvy, our mission is to help organizations to protect their brand, automate processes, and improve trust with customers. visit us to know more! Search: blueconic customer data platform liberate your

our customer data platform liberates your first-party data so you can orchestrate individualized experiences in every stage of the customer lifecycle. Search: rivery data pipeline tool, data integration, eltetl platform

rivery is a saas dataops platform for all your organizational data. automate, manage, and transform your data. learn more today! Search: pingthings predictivegrid™ the platform for data science and ai Search: datawalk analytics platform data mining & big data analysis

datawalk is a software platform to connect numerous large data sets, both external and internal, into a single repository for fast visual analysis. Search: market data management platform data analytic and integration

ze is creator of zema, a data analytics, integration, and automation platform for energy, commodity, and other and markets. Search: wyng – privacy first personalization platform, built on zero party

wyng is the leading privacy-first personalization platform. built on a zero-party data api and privacy by design principles, wyng makes it easy for marketers to deliver customer experiences that are always welcome, relevant, and compliant. Search: radzyń podlaski kocham radzyń kochamy nasze miasto i jesteśmy

kochamy nasze miasto i jesteśmy z niego dumni! Search: zetaris analytical data virtualization platform, sql & mesh data Search: data mechanics the cloudnative spark platform for data engineers

run continuously optimized apache spark workloads on a kubernetes cluster in your cloud account (aws, gcp, or azure). focus on your data while we handle the mechanics. Search: intelligent automation platform web data integration web data

comprehensive web data extraction platform lets you extract a massive quantity of information so you can implement your big data projects. live demo: extract and sync amazon content. Search: key data #1 vacation rental market data &

key data is the #1 provider of real-time vacation rental market data & benchmarking for the short term rental industry. Search: ydata data platform with synthetic data generation

ydata offers a data centric platform with synthetic data generation that makes the process of building datasets take a fraction of the time, thus making ai adoption successful Search: cloud data platform calculator calculate cost of cloud platform

calculate the cost of cloud platform computing for your company on the main cloud vendors (azure, snowflake) Search: an application service platform for enterprise test, security,

testin is an advanced application service platform, providing test, security, promotion, product optimization, flow realization, and ai data solutions for over one million developers and enterprises worldwide. our mission is to make application more valuable. testin automation tool platform based on independent intellectual property rights of ai, and millions of members on l Search: leading mobile app development company in india & usa

prismetric, a premium mobile app development company, provides exceptional application development for ios and android devices while renowned for web development, big data and sap services. Search: memo a data platform for the new era of

memo harnesses readership data from the publications that brands care most about for a modern approach to pr and storytelling. Search: platform driven by data ondernemen met data Search: freightos online freight shipping marketplace & platform tip book microscope graph product customer success data Search: airbloc the privacy first data exchange platform

exchange data between companies in a data alliance and gain deeper insights into customer data without sacrificing customer data privacy. Search: leadspace customer data platform for b2b sales

leadspace cdp gives b2b sales & marketing the ability to focus on growing revenue faster personalized engagement, instead of spending time managing data. Search: silobreaker the intelligence platform purpose built for the

silobreaker helps security, business and intelligence professionals make sense of the overwhelming amount of data on the web. Search: sama ai platform: endtoend data labeling services logo logo facebook insta twitter linkedin youtube

trusted by over 25% of the fortune 50, sama platform is an end-to-end data labeling platform that supports the full annotation lifecycle. Search: the actionable customer data platform

use our self-learning, scalable and actionable cdp to unify your entire marketing ecosystem, developing automated personal connections with individual… Search: customer data platform squeezely

squeezely customer data platform helps marketeers efficiently collect customer data, set up campaigns across multiple channels and analyze results in one place. Search: renta customer data platform Search: fullthrottle customer data platform & ai

learn about fullthrottle, a simplified artificial intelligence engine that includes an enriched and time-generated engine as well as marketing touchpoints. learn more today! Search: ngdata more than a customer data platform (cdp)

discover how businesses are benefiting from ngdata’s intelligent engagement platform, with capabilities beyond a standard customer data platform (cdp). Search: customer data platform (cdp), marketing automation & bi reporting software Search: cinch marketing automation software simple customer data platform

closing the data gap with an orchestration of marketing automation software and customer data platform for enhanced customer relationships Search: quickpivot customer data platform omnichannel marketing

quickpivot is the premier customer data platform for brands looking to know, target and engage their customers with advanced cross-channel marketing. Search: customer data platform (cdp) and realtime marketing automation

lemnisk’s real-time marketing automation built on an intelligent & secure customer data platform increases conversions, retention & growth for enterprises. Search: top customer data platform and omnichannel marketing zeta Search: enterprise data automation platform & ml software hyperscience

hyperscience provides a unique enterprise data automation platform. use our proprietary ml software to automate data-centric, mission-critical processes. Search: trdata  a communication platform for traders make more from the

make more from the markets. real-time data, news & analytics. a communication platform for traders and analysts. Search: cloud based data platform for cybersecurity, it operations and devops

drive outcomes across security, it and devops with the data platform built for the cloud. Search: rudderstack the customer data platform for developers

with rudderstack, you can easily deploy pipelines that make it easy to collect customer data from every app, website, and saas platform Search: home lytics customer data platform (cdp) Search: customer data platform for developers

rudderstack is the easiest way to stream data from your website or warehouse. with rudderstack, you can easily collect customer data from every platform. Search: decide ai customer data platform intelligente Search: actioniq: customer data platform company

drive new revenue, profitability & innovation with our customer data platform. learn how our cdp can help your business via in-depth customer insights. Search: zaius the activated customer data platform

personalize experiences for anonymous visitors, engineer repeat purchases, and curate perfect content to keep customers loyal. Search: kousteau: beintoo customer data platform

collect, analyze, manage first-party data in a unique customer data platform. an exclusive tool to support brands and publishers along all stages of customer management. Search: energy web atlas™ lng data gas

the energy web atlas is a comprehensive source of actionable project intelligence for the international energy industry. covering every aspect of the industry, the esri-based gis platform allows users to interrogate real-time project information, export and manipulate data, and secure the know-how needed to stay ahead of the competition. Search: cloudera the enterprise data platform company

cloudera delivers an enterprise data cloud platform for any data, anywhere, from the edge to ai. Search: the enterprise mlops platform domino data lab

domino’s enterprise mlops platform accelerates research, speeds model deployment, and increases collaboration for code-first data science teams at scale. Search: data centre magazine the data centre & cloud

data centre magazine - the data centre & cloud platform Search: customer data platform & better customer experience data

your best strategy is a happy customer. with our cdp we help you to create a world-class customer experience, based on your data. Search: salesmanago ai customer data platform with omnichannel execution

salesmanago is the only no-code, ai driven cdp with seamless omnichannel execution harnessing the full power of first- and zero-party data. Search: zylotech trusted b2b intelligent customer data platform

with terminus cdp, gtm teams will dramatically improve data accuracy, campaign effectiveness, and reduce wasted sales cycles. Search: lexer the leading customer data platform for retailers

how retailers unify all their customer data, understand their customer, create segments, acquire new customers, and grow lifetime value. Search: exponea ~ customer data & experience platform (cdxp)

exponea helps you maximize profits and drive customer loyalty by targeting the right customers with the right message at the perfect time. Search: hull realtime customer data platform play_icon

the source of truth for all your customer data, synchronizing all your tools in real-time. Search: salesmanago ai customer data platform Search: black tiger the master customer data platform

black tiger est éditeur de la black tiger platform, l’unique plateforme big data spécialisée dans la gestion des données personnelles, gdpr as code et adressant vos enjeux métiers au quotidien. Search: salesmanago – ai customer data platform with omnichannel execution

the only no-code, ai driven cdxp with natively built & integrated hyperpersonalized marketing execution channels. Search: invenna bewezen customer data platform technologie

invenna verbindt klantdata en realiseert een uniek en actueel 360 graden klantbeeld. Search: foursquare independent location data platform close facebook twitter instagram linkedin Search: unified customer data platform and omnichannel marketing hub Search: oncrawl enterprise technical & data seo platform for

seo crawler and log analyzer for technical seo audits. bridge technical seo with machine learning and data science for increased revenues Search: data management services turnkey data management platform

meet sec and finra requirements for information security and compliance with our cloud-first infrastructure and risk-based data management services Search: customer data, loyalty, offers & rewards platform poshvine Search: customer data platform that helps you target precisely Search: sama ai: ethical & accurate data labeling platform logo logo facebook insta twitter linkedin youtube

trusted by over 25% of the fortune 50, sama provides accurate data annotation & labeling services for ai and machine learning models. Search: mobile marketing automation salesmanago ai customer Search: data annotation tool data annotation platform keylabs

keylabs merges advanced annotation tools, data annotation for training of machine learning models, operation and project management in a one-stop shop platform. Search: enterprise realtime data migration & replication platform

arcion is the first truly real-time data mobility. deploy production-grade data pipelines in 23 seconds for high-volume and high-performance data movement. Search: open data node platform supports the whole process

open data node platform - supports the whole process of open data publication and exchange Search: business intelligence

looker is a business intelligence software and big data analytics platform that helps you explore, analyze and share real-time business analytics easily. Search: truecue the data management & cloud analytics platform Search: redpoint global industry leading customer data platform solution

redpoint global provides a single point of control to connect all customer data, determine next best actions in real time, and orchestrate interactions across all of your go-to-market channels Search: ? denis rasia consulente digital analytics e customer data

tutti vogliamo risposte, ma se non si possono garantire la cosa migliore da cercare è la chiarezza. Search: data application lab big data expert: data scientist

data scientist bootcamp, big data engineer bootcamp, business analyst training, learn python in data science, sql data analyst, java training, algorithms Search: community data intelligence platform

do you know how communities drive your business? utilize the data to boost acquisition, contribution, engagement and success. Search: hubstor cloud data platform

hubstor is a saas cloud data platform that unifies backup and archive as a service, helping organizations protect their data, simplify their it infrastructure, and achieve compliance. hubstor uniquely converges data protection, archival, cloud storage, and content indexing as a simple and reliable software service running in any major cloud region around the world. Search: marketing intelligence platform data aggregation software

marketing intelligence & data aggregation software that drives roi. advanced analytics & data management combined with out-of-the-box dashboard solutions. Search: cloud mdm, master data management platform solution reltio

our connected data platform – the industry’s first cloud-native, saas master data management solution (mdm) – unifies and cleanses multi-source, complex data into a single source of trusted information. you get insight-ready, real-time data at scale. Search: impelix cyber security partner as platform for identity, cloud, Search: dataorbis we do data. you do business. big Search: panoply the easiest cloud data platform

easily sync, store, and access all your business data with a cloud data platform designed for analysts. Search: mofiler the data monetization platform

mofiler is changing the way data is collected, accessed, and applied. by transforming big data generated by mobile apps into valuable information, we’re able to give data buyers easy access to the kind of relevant, meaningful data that was once available only to tech giants like google and facebook. mofiler benefits users on every level. in addition to rewarding everyda Search: platform for smart data monetization Search: modern data governance, risk & compliance platform aware

monitor your collaboration data with aware. discover modern data governance, risk and compliance controls that analyze human behavior–all from one platform. Search: filum ai business data platform filum ai

filum is a business data platform that helps companies make data-driven business decisions Search: product data feed optimization and ads management platform for ecommerce

start your free trial today! designed to help e-commerce retailers expand the reach of their products, drive more valuable traffic and increase revenue. Search: automated analytics & ml on any cloud or big data

infoworks software, the leading edo2 system allows organizations to scale analytics & machine learning on any cloud or big data platform with any data! Search: dennes torres data platform, cloud & analytics Search: compliancerank the #1 compliance data platform Search: compliancerank the #1 compliance data platform

track the compliance and data privacy of +14,000 cloud services, companies and subprocessors. Search: the leading salesforce data recovery, protection, and backup and restore

global industry leaders use odaseva to build a stronger salesforce data value chain. get started now you’re responsible for your salesforce data. Search: datalab data quality, master data management, data privacy

nova funcionalidade "auto complete" a uniserv apresenta uma nova funcionalidade de “auto complete” de moradas portuguesas e internacionais saiba mais verif... Search: fa solutions a single cloudbased platform for running your

a single cloud-based platform for running your entire asset & investment management business with secure access to your data globally. Search: specify design data platform (ddp)

specify helps you unify your brand identity by collecting, storing and distributing design tokens and assets for your design system — automatically. Search: datrics end to end data science platform

manage the full data science process from research to production. try our end-to-end data science platform to leverage from own and public data. Search: data science platform iguazio

the iguazio data science platform automates your machine learning pipeline, transforming ai projects into real-world business outcomes. Search: the customer data platform built for the enterprise

turning siloed customer data into game-changing customer experiences. Search: fast, affordable & scalable master data management platform

build a trusted data foundation with the only fast, affordable and scalable master data management platform. see how profisee does master data management. Search: development process platform that protects your source code and data Search: osaango we help you to transform your business

we are a consulting company that specializes in multiple ways of improving and educating ecosystems, organizations and individuals in adopting the right business models, right technology and in the right way for a smarter world. Search: web development & data platform wetory

my name is tomáš rybnický, i’m interested in software and web development technologies mostly focused on database solutions a data processing techniques within projects for information systems.i’ve created this web for presenting my work in one place. during the time also decided to share some ideas via blog section and share also some useful scripts and solutions i Search: aidata data management platform (dmp)

платформа управления пользовательскими данными aidata Search: near the largest privacyled data intelligence platform

providing actionable intelligence on people and places to deliver superior customer experiences using real-world data. Search: data backup & recovery platform for salesforce databackup

exclusively built for salesforce, databakup offers enterprise backup & recovery services to protect critical business data in salesforce Search: data marketing platform Search: the collaborative data science

mode is a collaborative data platform that combines sql, r, python, and visual analytics in one place. connect, analyze, and share, faster. Search: microsoft cloud & data platform experts azure, sql server

delivering rock-solid service and high-performance, cost-efficient, yet simple solutions using our in-depth knowledge of the microsoft cloud & data platform. Search: developer community data platform is the developer community data platform - understand, grow, and leverage your developer community with zero hassle. Search: cityviz data platform for economic development Search: predictive data management platform (dmp) 1plusx

the fastest ai-powered data management platform for publishers, media agencies and marketers. voted best dmp 2018 Search: timextender automated data management platform

timextender is an automated data management platform that enables building data lakes, data warehouses and data marts 10x faster. Search: «unidata» innovative data management platform Search: airbyte opensource data integration platform elt tool

airbyte is an open-source data integration platform to build elt pipelines. consolidate your data in your data warehouses, lakes and databases. Search: near the largest privacyled data intelligence platform caret Search: leverton artificial intelligence platform data extraction

leverton artificial intelligence platform is a patented, award-winning, data extraction and contract analytics platform for corporate and legal documents. Search: antsomi cdp 365 customer data platform omnichannel marketing

antsomi is a martech company building the 1st ai-enabled customer data platform in southeast asia, empowering companies to unify & activate their customer data. Search: alegion data labeling software platform

alegion provides an industry-leading data labeling platform, fully-managed data labeling services, and flexible solutions for every stage and type of data labeling for machine learning. Search: data platform summit data platform summit Search: api first data platform delphix

delphix is the industry leader in programmable data infrastructure, providing an api-first data platform for digital transformation. Search: sustainable data platform sustainable data platform Search: junar data platform

fast, easy, and affordable way to transform data into resources that businesses, governments, ngos, academia and citizens can use. Search: data platform discovery day

data platform discovery day, a free online conference for people looking to learn more about the microsoft data platform Search: scale ai: the data platform for ai

trusted by world class companies, scale delivers high quality training data for ai applications such as self-driving cars, mapping, ar/vr, robotics, and more. Search: patient data platform

portal de datos del paciente - patient data platform Search: the data platform for ai weka

weka delivers a data platform for today’s enterprise ai workloads and high performance applications. no more compromises between simplicity, speed, and scale on-premises or in the cloud. Search: fullstack data platform that anyone can run y42

one scalable platform for all data needs. deploy a cloud data warehouse without the pain. | y42 Search: halerium the unified data science platform erium Search: nuclio: serverless platform for automated data science

nuclio powers serverless functions allowing developers to focus on building and running auto-scaling applications without worrying about managing servers. Search: rapidminer best data science & machine learning platform

rapidminer is a leading data science platform that unites data prep, machine learning & predictive model deployment. Search: lunasec open source data security platform

easily level up your security and compliance in minutes by adding lunasec to your existing app -- no security background required! Search: build trust around data security with a customer trust platform

build customer trust. conveyor provides everything cloud-based companies need to simplify vendor management, achieve compliance certifications, and prove they are trustworthy to their customers. Search: the decentralized platform for realtime data streamr network

the decentralized p2p real-time data pub/sub network. build web3 projects that leverage the streamr data crowdsourcing and monetisation infrastructure. Search: sportxp the sport platform: fan engagement, live experience and Search: playerxp sport platform, player media hub, fan engagement and Search: data festival 2021 data & ai conference online Search: autorek financial controls and data management platform

a leading provider of reconciliation, financial control and data management solutions. meet regulatory reporting requirements and save your firm time and money. Search: cohesity multicloud platform for data management services

eliminate mass data fragmentation with cohesity’s modern approach to data management, beginning with backup. gain instant recovery. learn more today. Search: fortvision allinone data automation management platform

fortvision is an all-in-one data automation and management technology for business management of marketing, crm & sales, hr, support, inventory, and more. Search: webclicks data driven affiliate marketing platform

webclicks is a cpa performance network with exclusive high paying offers, advanced analytics and great marketing tools Search: traackr i the data driven influencer marketing platform

traackr is the system of record for data-driven influencer marketing that marketers use to invest in the right strategies, streamline campaigns, and scale programs. Search: marketing data platform for customercentric banks segmint Search: anytrack conversion data platform

anytrack is a conversion data platform that helps you track, attribute and sync your conversion data across your entire marketing ecosystem. try free Search: smartcar · api platform for connected car data

smartcar is the developer platform for mobility businesses. use our car apis to verify vehicle mileage, issue digital keys, manage ev charging, and track fleets. Search: schoolytics the student data platform

make data effortless with our learning analytics platform. measure student engagement and performance. works with google classroom. Search: data observability platform acceldata

acceldata helps you gain full visibility into your data, processing and data pipelines to improve reliability, accelerate scale, and lower costs. Search: koordinates – earth’s data platform

koordinates is a geospatial data management platform inspired by cracking gis data out of vendor silos. you can host, manage, share, publish, access, and build apps, alongside tens of thousands of others. Search: demyst: the external data platform

deploy up to ten times the data, ten times faster with the demyst platform, simplifying and accelerating discovery, build and deployment of external … Search: vizydrop data visualization platform

charts and visualizations for your data. simple and powerful chart editor. predefined and custom app connectors. Search: data streaming platform

process & analyze streaming data at scale. ready-to-use analytical functions. Search: motorq platform for connected car data

platform for connected car data Search: audience data platform onaudience is a provider of high-quality audience segments and provides data enrichment services, as well as a data management platform (dmp) for advertisers and publishers. Search: cpg data & insights platform helio

helio helps you find emerging trends, whitespace, category disruptors, and the hottest emerging brands coming online today. Search: bumblebee data cleaning platform

bumblebee is the easiest and most powerful tool to clean, transform, and prepare data of any size for analysis, visualization, reporting, and machine learning. Search: kite platform all of your company data together

kite platform allows you to exchange insights with internal teams, connect to expert partners and integrate your favorite tools to create the most personal and comprehensive view of any company. Search: redis the realtime data platform

build and run faster apps with the world’s leading real-time data platform. Search: dkan open data platform dkan open data platform

dkan v2 is here! we’ve paid close attention to how you gather, share, and use data in the real world, and we’ve kept your favorite dkan… Search: liveramp data enablement platform Search: v7 ai data platform for automated annotation Search: first party data platform pubsurge

first party data platform. Search: datafold data observability platform

datafold is a data observability platform with a focus on proactive data quality management. get data diff, column-level lineage, catalog, alerts, and more. Search: skyportal : astronomical data platform Search: narrative data streaming platform

narrative gives businesses control of their data strategy by making it easy to buy and sell data on their own terms. Search: workbench data platform for journalists

data platform for journalists. analyse and visualize data without a line of code, share your process, and solve problem faster. Search: the edge first data platform Search: astarte the data orchestration platform Search: cpapi the best data transfer platform

do you want to transfer your data and connect your system with offers sources automatically? check out cpapi, the best data transfer platform you need. Search: data labeling platform for ml – toloka

toloka helps to improve ml models of any kind, including those in text & natural language processing, computer vision, chat bots and voice assistants, search and information retrieval. Search: memob data mining platform

memob is a data and location-driven product. our reputation for the best service in the industry is due to personalized, responsive and solution-oriented relationships with our clients. Search: automation platform captain data

captain data automates the web for you so you can focus on your most important work. Search: demyst: the data deployment platform

external data, deployed. externaldataops for fraud detection, know your business, lead enrichment, small business lending, know your customer, and mo… Search: home nantucket data platform Search: platform linked data nederland Search: operator financial data platform

connect and work with financial data from every source. integrate and get insights from shopify, stripe, quickbooks online, and more. backed by y combinator. Search: dynata l data & insights platform

dynata is the world’s largest first-party data and insights platform, with a reach that encompasses over 62mm consumers and business professionals globally. Search: data festival data & ai conference online data Search: ai data_ai data collection_datatang_professional ai data services provider_ai data collection Search: mineralsoft mineral rights asset management: data platform, software, and Search: the decentralized platform for real time data streamr

the decentralized platform for real-time data Search: psychedelics data platform, insights, and care network neuly

neuly was created to provide transparent information for entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, scientists, educators, policy makers, and anyone inter... Search: joyful craftsmen microsoft data platform competence center Search: mercatus investment data management platform for private markets

mercatus turns your investment process into a platform to enable growth and real-time, centralized insights that you can trust. Search: open source data and experience management platform pimcore

fastest time-to-market and rapid digitization with the open source data and experience management platform for pim/mdm, dam, dxp/cms, cdp, and digital commerce. Search: open source data and experience management platform pimcore

pimcore is the only open source data and experience management platform that combines pim, mdm, dam, dxp/cms, and ecommerce in a single suite. Search: the adex enable. ensure. embrace. data management platform Search: directus: open data platform for headless content management

directus is an open-source headless cms with the flexibility and power of a data api. it allows managing both content and raw data, in any new or existing sql database — keeping all your data pure, organized and portable, end-to-end. Search: kevin chant a blog about microsoft data platform offerings

a blog about microsoft data platform offerings Search: business intelligence consultant microsoft partner on power

business intelligence consultant | microsoft partner on power bi | linkedin learning trainer | microsoft data platform mvp Search: apollo graphql apollo data graph platform unify

apollo data graph platform— unify apis, microservices, and databases into a data graph that you can query with graphql Search: apollo graphql apollo data graph platform unify apis, microservices,

apollo graph platform— unify apis, microservices, and databases into a graph that you can query with graphql Search: nirveda cognition ai document intelligence platform turn data

nirveda cognition’s document intelligence platform processes any document of any structure, driving data-driven business outcomes. Search: fireblocks #1 institutional digital asset custody, settlement &

fireblocks is a digital asset custody, transfer and settlement platform. mpc - cmp wallet technology. 24/7 access. Search: dataset live data analytics platform Search: liveramp data connectivity platform quote bg

our data connectivity platform gives companies and their partners the power to connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes. Search: universal data platform for publishers unisignin

grow your audience & traffic alongside better user experiences and lift revenue by building and activating your first party data. single sign-on and connect all the audience data. Search: complete data automation platform syncari

inaccurate and siloed data affects business growth. syncari standardizes, synchronizes, and automates data across your entire application landscape, without it complexity or expensive custom integrations. Search: banq the #1 fintech market data platform.

helping banks and fintechs create better ecosystems through apis & partnerships. Search:

the product data platform for successful e-commerce. next generation pim software. Search: itheum data platform for web3 and metaverse

as we enter the web3 and metaverse era; itheum unlocks data silos and generates new value for your data. Search: every super power you need in a breakthrough data platform

software that unlocks data platform driven experiences, insights and operations at scale. by data automation and predictive analytics | put it forward Search: the realtime data platform for developers materialize

materialize is a sql streaming database for real-time applications, live dashboards, and streaming data pipelines. it provides the simplicity of sql queries, but with millisecond-level latency for real-time data. Search: archipelago property risk data platform

with archipelago, gain more control & insights into your critical property risk information to achieve better results & drive improved efficiency. Search: aerospike next generation, nosql data platform

experian chooses aerospike nosql database to power crosscore digital identity and fraud risk platform. reimagine real-time and save the date for our digital summit 2021 on may 4-6, 2021. Search: home biqh the platform for all

the tailored and innovative biqh solutions take retail investments services to the next level. start innovating your market data instruments, whilst being compliant and in control. Search: home medqor healthcare data platform

medqor is a real-time healthcare business intelligence platform that addresses the knowledge gap between healthcare providers and innovative technology solutions which hinders patient outcomes. Search: groundtruth the leading location data platform

understand your consumer, build your business, increase store visits and sales, and make smarter forecasting decisions with location data that tells the truth. Search: data capture platform for drones & uavs

the leading enterprise software platform for scalable data acquisition with drones. automated flight planning in a 3d interface and support of dji drones make drone harmony the platform of choice for complex inspection and mapping missions. Search: aquaoso home of the data acclimation platform

aquaoso’s data acclimation platform makes it easy to future proof your business to a changing climate. manage your data geospatially. Search: next generation skills platform data masters Search: recidiviz a criminal justice data platform.

we are a non-profit organization building a common, extensible platform designed to power data-driven interventions in criminal justice. Search: lizard data warehouse & analytics platform Search: the performance data analytics platform conjura

the conjura platform provides customer analytics to drive business performance and growth. we help ecommerce, subscription, retail and private equity businesses harness data. Search: Search: otonomo: the global platform for connected car data

otonomo is an automotive data services platform that fuels a network of 15 oems, 100+ service providers and connected car data from over 18 million cars. Search: gitsight the data platform for open source

derive insights from open source repositories and their contributors to recruit talent, identify trends, highlight dependencies, ensure licensure compliance, and more. Search: get data. get insights. with the right analytics platform.

adverity is a company creating an intelligent marketing analytics platform for data-driven marketing, sales and ecommerce teams. Search: vianova mobility data platform for cities Search: liveramp data connectivity platform quotebg

our data enablement platform gives companies and their partners the power to connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes. Search: chaossearch the data platform for scalable log analysis

chaossearch enables customers to know better, while achieving the true promise of data lake economics, with unmatched scale, resiliency, and cost savings. Search: sight machine: manufacturing data platform

a single data foundation for operations and analysis. continuously transform and analyzes all plant data so that you can focus on improving production. Search: bestinclass data labeling platform playment Search: ehr data extraction and integration platform healthjump Search: Search: senseware unified iot platform getting the realtime data you

a full-stack, out-of-the-box iot platform that captures the real-time energy submetering, iaq, and hvac operational data you need Search: cloudbutton serverless data analytics platform

h2020 cloudbutton project - serverless data analytics platform Search: sql cruise microsoft data platform and app dev training

sql cruise provides training in sql server, data science, r, powershell, business intelligence, and leadership development on cruise ships by mvps & mcms. Search: ai platform for unstructured data analysis relevance ai

ai powered unstructured data analysis, at scale. identify hidden insights in qualitative text, image, audio and video fields. learn more! Search:

platform of trust harmonizes data and makes it usable across organizations. it has built-in trust capabilities. Search: occubee ai platform for data driven retail

occubee fully responds to the needs of modern retail and fits in with the global megatrends related to the use of data in business. book a demo! Search: qonversion in app subscription and purchase data platform

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knoema is the free to use public and open data platform for users with interests in statistics and data analysis, visual storytelling and making infographics and data-driven presentations Search: frogdata big data analytics platform for automotive industry

frogdata is an advanced data analytics platform for automotive dealers which delivers advanced reporting, business insights and predictive analytics, helping car dealers make better decisions and creating a positive impact on their business. Search: dataops: become a data champion with the zaloni arena platform

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prisma is the platform for organizations and companies to give people access to data and empower them to share insights that inspire action. Search: antenna market data platform for the subscription economy Search: brokerage and market platform for personal data kraken Search: avni field service and data collection platform avni field

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research real estate using property and owner data app. make targeted lists. connect with owners by phone, email, mail, and social media. try it for free. Search: the bit bucket thoughts from data platform mvp and

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we connect patients to their care teams, to share, communicate, collaborate, easily, everywhere. Search: data and ai observability platform enabling mlops whylabs

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door op innovatieve wijze de individuele patiënt centraal te stellen, gebruiksvriendelijk te zijn voor iedere gebruiker, intelligent en continu data te verzamelen en de geanalyseerde informatie inzichtelijk te maken voor zorgaanbieder en patiënt. qualiview is het meest gebruiksvriendelijke en geavanceerde platform dat geautomatiseerd data verzamelt, waardoor online inzich Search: the leading allinone real estate market data platform in the

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artificial intelligence and data science conferences invites all the participants from the globe to attend world congress on artificial intelligence and data science-webinar which is scheduled on october 13, 2021 virtually. Search: data classification, data identification, & data protection solutions

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sovrn powers great publishers. we build tools and advertising products to help you grow and operate your business, earn more money, and manage your audience. Search: french school in data science, big data engineering & data

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axon consists of the axon framework and axon server, open source, enterprise-ready infrastructure for scaling and distributing event sourcing applications on the jvm. axoniq, the company behind axon framework and axon server provides trainings, webinars, events, support, consultancy and more such as the gdpr data protection module to help you as a developer with implementin Search: martech digital marketing technology thailand asia data, innovation, personalization Search: the oasis protocol foundation hub the oasis network is Search: vetimpress vetimpress data management and insights platform

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