l���immobilier, une source de revenus �� ma��triser

cnossos.nl Search: cnossos.nl centre in nijmegen for open source software

centre in nijmegen for open source software and open systems. i am available for work on the pillars of open source systems: generally underlying technologies, libraries, network procotols and development tooling, from straightforward programming to formal methods.

osalt.com Search: find open source alternatives to commercial software open

osalt.com helps recommend a open source software alternative or replacement for commercial products and even shareware. remember that open source software is also a freeware alternative.

flectrahq.com Search: open source erp & crm software for business on

flectrahq is open source erp and crm including sales, accounting, purchase, inventory, cms and ecommerce system for growth of a business, on cloud or on premise

opensourcelibs.com Search: open source libs best open source software projects

foodcoopshop.com Search: foodcoop software open source foodcoopshop open source software

sendmail.org Search: sendmail sentrion open source open source email server

learn how the sendmail sentrion platform helps organizations that are using open source for large complex environments and need an enterprise platform that will enable a messaging roadmap.

gluu.org Search: gluu open source digital identity open

the gluu server is a distribution of open source digital identity, integrated together and delivered as a stable supported product.

open-source-guide.com Search: guide open source : le référentiel des solutions open source

portail participatif des meilleures solutions open source professionnelles : actualités, plus de 330 fiches produits, comparatifs, avis d’experts, chiffres clés, évaluations

wowopenbox.org Search: wow open box (open source, compliant, multiboxing) wow open

open source world of warcraft rules compliant multiboxing.

opensourceagenda.com Search: best 194,091+ open source projects open source agenda menu

discover the best free open source projects. learn more about 194,091+ free projects organized in 87,200+ topics.

naos-cluster.com Search: nouvelleaquitaine open source la nouvelleaquitaine, la région en avance

nouvelle-aquitaine open source (naos) est un pôle de compétences régional en logiciels et technologies libres et open source.

hylafax.org Search: hylafax open source open source fax software

hylafax open source is designed around a client-server architecture. fax modems may reside on a single machine on a network and clients can submit an...

zsite.net Search: free and open source enterprise build website system, cms system,online

curii.com Search: curii our mission is to accelerate biomedical research

our mission is to accelerate biomedical research and precision medicine through open standards, open data, and free and open source software.

opensourcefriday.com Search: open source friday this friday, invest a few

open source is made by people just like you. this friday, invest a few hours contributing to the software you use and love.

opensourcebiology.eu Search: open source biology & genetics interest group open source

tendenci.com Search: tendenci the open source ams membership

tendenci is the open source association management software and all-in-one membership management solution for nonprofit organizations and cause-related associations to manage their websites. built for multi-chapter national and international organizations. features include membership management, event management, business directories, rich media, and much more.

schipul.com Search: tendenci the open source ams membership management system

bayave.com Search: bayave gmbh open source, inner source, and product

open source, inner source, and product strategy by prof. dr. dirk riehle, m.b.a.

blogcounter.de Search: open source cms, skripte und softwareverzeichnis » open source cms

opensourceforu.com Search: open source for you opensourceforu.com open

open source for you is focused on open source technologies. it aims to help techies avail the benefits of open source software and solutions.

giftbag.io Search: giftbag the open source influencer nft platform buy

freeagentsource.com Search: free agent source the open source consulting firm™

fas provides the full range of consulting solutions for corporate clients, with one important difference: you engage consultants directly.

fossforge.com Search: forge your future with open source: build your skills. build

a comprehensive guide to how and why to contribute to free and open source software projects.

comingle.io Search: comingle your source for doityourself and open source sex

sourceauditor.com Search: source auditor professional technical consulting to optimize your open

codetriage.com Search: get started contributing to open source projects codetriage

discover the easiest way to get started contributing to open source. over 60,407 devs are helping 6,331 projects with our free, community developed tools

hospitalrun.io Search: hospitalrun open source

free, easy-to-use software for developing world healthcare.

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chat software website, chat software für unternehmen, chat software open source, chat software kostenlos, chat software free, browser, handy, smartphone, mobil, chatsoftware.at, chatsoftware.ch, chatsoftware.com, open source, für homepage, chatbot software

inno3.fr Search: accueil drupal inno³ open innovation, open source

sourceforge.io Search: sourceforge download, develop and publish free open source software

sourceforge provides free & fast open source software downloads and development, and business software reviews and comparisons featuring the largest open source and business software directory.

sourceforge.net Search: sourceforge download, develop and publish free open source

free, secure and fast downloads from the largest open source applications and software directory - sourceforge.net

your-source.nl Search: professionele open source websites your source

bacula.org Search: the best free enterprise open source backup software for linux

are you looking for a free backup software for linux, windows, vmware or mac? take a look at bacula - advanced free enterprise-ready open source backup software

pyroscope.io Search: open source continuous profiling platform debug performance issues down

find bottlenecks in your code and fix performance issues

opendental.com Search: open dental software open source practice management

linux-mag.com Search: linux magazine open source, open standards

panen138 adalah situs judi slot online terbaik sekaligus bandar judi online terpercaya dengan produk utama game slot gacor yang gampang menang.

losst.ru Search: losst linux open source software technologies

linux open source software technologies. все о свободном программном обеспечении и операционной системе linux.

edubuntu.org Search: enterprise open source and linux ubuntu

ubuntu.com Search: enterprise open source and linux ubuntu

ubuntu is the modern, open source operating system on linux for the enterprise server, desktop, cloud, and iot.

hcommons.org Search: humanities commons open access, open source, open to all

opnsense.org Search: opnsense® a true open source security platform and more opnsense®

linux.com Search: linux.com news for open source professionals

linux.com is the go-to resource for open source professionals to learn about the latest in linux and open source technology, careers, best practices, and industry trends. get news, information, and tutorials to help advance your next project or career – or just to simply stay informed.

elisa.tech Search: elisa advancing open source safety critical systems

the mission of the enabling linux in safety applications (elisa) project is to make it easier for companies to build and certify linux-based safety-critical applications.

goodfirstissue.dev Search: good first issue: issues for your first open source contribution

making your first open-source contribution is easier than you think. good first issue is a curated list of issues from popular open-source projects that you can fix easily. start today!

redhat.com Search: red hat we make open source technologies for

red hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, including high-performing linux, cloud, container, and kubernetes technologies.

red.ht Search: red hat we make open source technologies for the

tenthplanet.in Search: tenthplanet technologies open up to open source

we provide customized cost effective enterprise it solutions for erp, big data analytics, salesforce automation and web using open source products.

open-electronics.org Search: open electronics open source electronic projects

open source electronic projects

hyperledger.org Search: hyperledger – open source blockchain technologies

hyperledger is a multi-project open source collaborative effort hosted by the linux foundation, created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies.

hyperledger.com Search: hyperledger  open source blockchain technologies

sf.net Search: compare, download & develop open source & business software

pressbooks.org Search: pressbooks open publishing. open web. open source.

pressbooks is a book content management system which exports in multiple formats: ebooks, webbooks, print-ready pdf, and various xml flavours.

opensource.guide Search: open source guides learn how to launch and

learn how to launch and grow your project.

ethicalsource.dev Search: ethical source ethical source: open source, evolved

oisf.net Search: open information security foundation community driven, open source

become a consortium member oisf is funded by donations from world-class security organizations committed to our mission. a list of these organizations is available on our consortium members page. platinum members

studi7.com Search: estudi set programació, web, app i open source globe phone portrait git

posthog.com Search: posthog open source product analytics

self-hosted product analytics stack, to deploy on your infrastructure.

linuxhotel.de Search: kurse und schulungen für linux und open source software

kurse für admins, entwickler und anwender

muylinux.com Search: muylinux. gnu linux. open source. software libre.

web sobre linux y todo tipo de desarrollos hardware y software con filosofía open source, de software libre y de código abierto

linuxtopia.org Search: online linux and open source technology books and how to

on-line linux and open source technology books and how to guides

osdn.net Search: develop and download open source software osdn

osdn is a free-of-charge service for open source software developers. we offer git/svn/mercurial/bazaar/cvs repositories, mailing list, bug trafficking system, bulletin boards and forums, web site hosting, release file download service, eternal file archive, complete backup and shell environment.

openlife.cc Search: openlife.cc open life: the philosophy of open source

greenrobot.org Search: greenrobot open source libraries open source by greenrobot

performance-optimized open source libraries that run on billions of mobile devices. most popular: greendao, eventbus, and essentials.

agorum.com Search: open source dokumentenmanagement startseite open source dokumentenmanagement

mit dem open source dokumentenmanagement agorum core bündeln sie alle ihre unternehmensinformationen und -prozesse digital in einem zentralen system und

berlios.de Search: berlios open source software news & infos

open source software news & infos

linux-lancers.com Search: linux lancers personalagentur mit open source software als fachbereich.

tuxcare.com Search: tuxcare – making open source linux enterprise grade

tuxcare helps organizations take care of support, maintenance, & security for enterprise linux systems.

bookmaniac.org Search: composite internet information criticism poetry

tetrain.com Search: tetra: linux & open source software solutions

tetra offers open source and linux solutions, including zimbra mail server, client relationship management software, hr software, e-commerce web sites

mender.io Search: open source overtheair software updates for linux devices mender

mender is a secure, risk tolerant and efficient over-the-air update manager. remotely manage and deploy software updates to your iot devices at scale, worldwide.

openjam.io Search: open jam a game jam dedicated to open source.

a game jam dedicated to open source.

excess.org Search: excess.org – open data & open source

open data & open source

dwrox.net Search: open source software and projects at dwrox.net

webpage of jan aka thesplit aka uniqs_ - about coding, other projects and music!

de.fi Search: open source contribution for news related to decentralized finance

de.fi gives a platform to decentralized finance pioneers and researcher to publish community curated news and promote the defi movement

glpi-project.org Search: glpi itsm is software for business powered by open source

glpi itsm is a software for business powered by open source technologies. take control over your it infrastruction: assets inventory, tickets, mdm

vanilla-stack.org Search: vanillastackorg enterprise open source kubernetes and cloud native

enterprise open-source kubernetes and cloud-native software stack.

ostechnix.com Search: ostechnix open source technology

open source | technology | linux and unix

opensourcecms.com Search: opensource scripts list & software directory » open source cms

question2answer.org Search: question2answer free open source q&a software for php

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ohloh.net Search: open hub, the open source network

ose-21.org Search: open source everything for the 21st century open source

creamcode.org Search: cream code we build useful open source products.

we are digital agency working on open source projects. our design studio is located at bhaktapur, nepal. our product empowers more than 50,000+ websites word wide...

digency.eu Search: digency linux and open source

openproject.org Search: openproject open source project management software

open source project management software for classic, agile or hyprid project management: task management✓ gantt charts✓ boards✓ team collaboration✓ time and cost reporting✓ free trial!

openproject.com Search: openproject open source project management software

open source project management software for classic, agile or hybrid project management: task management✓ gantt charts✓ boards✓ team collaboration✓ time and cost reporting✓ free trial!

ow2.org Search: ow2 open source software for corporate information systems

open source software for corporate information systems

jamroom.net Search: open source social network software jamroom

metasfresh.com Search: open source erp software metasfresh erp

metasfresh erp ist die perfekte digitale gesamtlösung für moderne unternehmen. freie open source erp software die skaliert für handel und produktion.

open-source-security-software.net Search:

freshermeat - open source security software

joomlafoundation.org Search: promoting the use of open source software

the official website of the joomla! foundation

exit1.org Search: exit1.org open source software

phpmyfaq.de Search: phpmyfaq open source faq software

phpmyfaq is a mobile-friendly, feature-rich, scalable open source faq web app for php 7 and php 8

producingoss.com Search: producing open source software

savoirfairelinux.com Search: savoir faire linux chef de file en technologies

savoir-faire linux, votre expert en solutions d’intégration linux, technologies open source et logiciels libres à montréal et rennes

immorevenu.com Search: l’immobilier, une source de revenus à maîtriser

le secteur de l’immobilier reste une branche rentable et intéressante. il importe cependant de connaître toutes les astuces pour reconnaître un bon projet.

opensourcehub.io Search: open source hub find opensource projects

find your next open-source project! on open source hub, maintainers advertise their projects for free and make it easy to onboard new contributors

opensource.org Search: news open source initiative

roundcube.net Search: roundcube free and open source webmail software

free and open source webmail software for the masses, written in php

forfoss.com Search: for foss windows free open source software

windows free open source software

globaleaks.org Search: globaleaks free and open source whistleblowing software

globaleaks - free and open-source whistleblowing software

erpnext.com Search: erpnext: free and open source cloud erp software

tortall.net Search: tortall networks: open source and free software

phpbb.com Search: phpbb • free and open source forum software

phpbb is free and open source forum software that is easy to use, powerful, and highly customisable. our community offers extensive support to end users.

pbboard.info Search: pbboard free and open source forum software

artisopensource.net Search: [ aos ] art is open source the near

linuxcult.com Search: osjournal exploring open source and linux

osjournal covers everything open source with in-depth features, analysis, and tutorials.

zwilnik.com Search: zwilnik linux and open source goodness

linux and open source goodness

kilux.de Search: 20. kieler open source und linux tage

kielux.de Search: 19. kieler open source und linux tage

openlogicproject.org Search: open logic project open source, customizable, advanced logic text

pitivi.org Search: pitivi, a free and open source video editor for linux

opensourcescrum.com Search: free open source scrum tools agile project management software

free and open source tools for scrum agile software project management. lean kanban free open source tools for software development.

kodi.tv Search: kodi open source home theater software

kodi is a free media player that is designed to look great on your big screen tv but is just as at home on a small screen.

xbmc.org Search: kodi open source home theater software

indexdata.com Search: library software open source custom projects index

indexdata.dk Search: library software open source custom projects

index data creates innovative software products & discovery tools and delivers custom software development projects for libraries and the library ecosystem

deepnest.io Search: deepnest open source nesting software

open source nesting for laser cutters, plasma cutters and other cnc machines.

weewx.com Search: weewx: open source weather software

artio.net Search: open source software implementation and development

programování a vývoj software

erpnext.org Search: erpnext foundation open source erp software

phorum.org Search: phorum open source php forum software

sourcefabric.org Search: sourcefabric open source software for journalism

fluidproject.org Search: the open source software community fluid

univention.com Search: univention efficient it with open source software

univention produces open source products for operating and managing it infrastructure, idm and virtualization for companies, authorities and the cloud.

credativ.com Search: the experts for open source software credativ®

credativ® doesn’t just provide technical support, we also provide all services across the entire lifecycle of your open source landscape.

openware.com Search: openware crypto exchange foundry blockchain open source software

build next-gen blockchain infrastructures and innovative fintech projects with openware. ✓saas-based ✓request demo

blug.org Search: bellingham linux users group linux and open source software

mybboard.net Search:

elkarte.net Search: elkarte, free and open source community forum software

elkarte, free and open source community forum software

traccar.org Search: gps tracking software free and open source system

traccar is the leading gps tracking software. vehicle and personal tracking. self hosting and cloud-based solution. real time view, reports, notifications.

foss-gmbh.ch Search: foss free open source software für die video

spezialisten für live-video und vod-streaming

flossk.org Search: flossk the free and open source software organization in

mybb.com Search:

the official homepage for mybb, a free and open source php forum software.

zentao.pm Search: open source project management software scrum tool zentao

project management tool for agile teams. sprint planning✓ bug tracking✓ roadmap✓ gantt chart✓ burndown chart✓ kanban✓ self hosted and saas✓ ci management✓ ci management✓ product backlog✓

techytalk.info Search: techytalk thoughts on magento, php, linux and open source

linuxfabrik.ch Search: linuxfabrik gmbh ihr ansprechpartner für linux und open source.

andreasrohner.at Search: my notebook linux, open source, web development and other

my personal blog about linux, open source, web development and electronics

openvz.org Search: open source container based virtualization for linux.

multiple secure, isolated linux containers (otherwise known as ves or vpss) on a single physical server enabling better server utilization and ensuring that applications do not conflict.

toolinux.com Search: toolinux actualité linux & open source au quotidien

laptrinhx.com Search: blog about programming, open source, technology, software and it jobs.

blog about programming, open source, technology, software and it jobs.

xiphos.org Search: xiphos open source bible study software home

dolibarr.gr Search: αρχική dolibarr erp & crm open source software greece

το dolibarr erp/crm είναι ένα λογισμικό ανοικτού κώδικα/ελεύθερο λογισμικό για μικρομεσαίες επιχειρήσεις, οργανισμούς και ελεύθερους επαγγελματίες...

iscripts.com Search: proven open source php web software scripts for web business

iscripts develops unique, paid and free open source web and mobile applications for entrepreneurs. these revenue-generating scripts used to start turnkey online businesses.

suitecrm.com Search: suitecrm open source crm software application for businesses

open source crm (customer relationship management) software solution for sme and enterprise. available as saas or on-premise, download for free today!

rustdesk.com Search: rustdesk the best open source remote desktop software.

discover rustdesk, the best open source remote desktop software, control your desktop remotely. it is an alternative of teamviewer and anydesk. you have full control of your data, no concerns about security.

univention.de Search: univention effiziente it lösungen mit open source software

univention entwickelt open source software für betrieb und verwaltung von it-infrastruktur, identitymanagement sowie groupware- und desktop-lösungen.

gwos.com Search: powerful it monitoring software by groundwork open source

top network monitoring tools are integrated in groundwork monitor enterprise. manage physical and cloud infrastructures with automated, scalable, and secure solutions.groundwork open source news and blog | page: 1

bigbluebutton.org Search: bigbluebutton open source virtual classroom software 1

bigbluebutton is a global teaching platform. this open source virtual classroom software was developed in a school, not in a boardroom. try it now.

ica-atom.org Search: icaatom: open source archival description software

piwigo.org Search: piwigo open source photo management software

manage your photo library with piwigo ! free and open source software to organize and share your photos and digital media on the web.

credativ.de Search: ihre spezialisten für open source software credativ®

credativ® bietet nicht nur einen technischen support, sondern auch alle weiteren services für den gesamten life-cycle ihrer open source landschaft.

wwwtech.de Search: wwwtech open source software by christian kruse

personal silo (twitter, facebook, …) replacement of christian kruse

fossies.org Search: fossies the fresh open source software archive

fossies - the fresh open source software archive with special browsing features

cubecart.com Search: open source shopping cart software cubecart

cubecart is a free responsive open source php ecommerce software system. sell online.

linnovate.net Search: linnovate digital transformation through open source software

accesstomemory.org Search: atom: open source archival description software

access to memory (atom): open source archival description software

hossted.com Search: hossted enterprise ready open source on the cloud

instantly deploy open source projects on the cloud, with built-in support and enterprise features.

openstudioproject.com Search: openstudio free open source yoga studio scheduling software

openstudio is free open source studio scheduling software used by yoga studios, dance studios and buddhist centers among others to manage students and more.

nixp.ru Search: nixp.ru v3.0: новости gnulinux и unix, open source free

портал о gnu/linux, unix и open source. новости, форум, статьи, программы.

simplemachines.org Search: simple machines forum free & open source community

simple machines offers free open source software such as smf, the powerful and easy to use community forum written in php. start interesting discussions on your website!

destinationlinux.network Search: destination linux network: powered by open source & linux odysee logo

dln is a media network powered by linux & open source designed to bring passionate creators together to spread our love of open-source, technology, and linux.

oriented.net Search: managed open source services and servers on linux

we manage any open-source software services and servers on linux for you and your business in our iso 27001 certified and self-owned data centre located in switzerland.

hamaralinux.org Search: hamara linux an empowering open source operating system

firebirdsql.org Search: firebird: the true open source database for windows, linux, mac

firebird sql: the true open-source relational database

etes.de Search: ihr spezialist für linux, open source und datenschutz etes gmbh

wir sind ein it-systemhaus mit dem fokus auf linux, open source und datenschutz. ob individuelles tool, eine software oder eine eigene webseite, wir helfen.

syntaxserver.io Search: syntaxserver.io linux servers & selfhosted open source solutions

linux servers & self-hosted open source solutions like zimbra mail, ispconfig webadmin, nextcloud...

gqrx.dk Search: gqrx sdr open source software defined radio by alexandru

mug.org Search: michigan!usrgroup mug.org a michiganbased linux and unix free

symbiopen.com Search: symbiopen *symbiosis through open (source) technologies and communication

parca.dev Search: parca open source infrastructurewide continuous profiling parca optimized storage

open source infrastructure-wide continuous profiling

alejandrocelaya.blog Search: alejandro celaya blog software development, agile methodologies and

alejandro celaya | blog — software development, agile methodologies and open source projects

sciml.ai Search: sciml: open source software for scientific machine learning

nexb.com Search: open source and thirdparty software audit services nexb

nexb offers open source and third-party software scanning services and tools. nexb provides software audits to help companies identify and manage open source and other third-party software components within their software.

tanstack.com Search: quality software & open source libraries for the modern web

tanstack is an incubator and collection of software, products, tools and courses for building professional and enterprise-grade front-end applciations for the web.

embecosm.com Search: embecosm the open source software tool chain experts

apell.info Search: apell the european open source software business association

catalyst-au.net Search: expert open source software services catalyst it australia

catalyst it is a multi-region open source software services company that supports enterprise moodle lms, totara lms and drupal cms.

freefilesync.org Search: freefilesync: open source file synchronization & backup software

freefilesync is a free open source data backup software which helps you compare and synchronize files and folders on windows, macos, and linux.

ashiish.me Search: software engineer & open source contributor » ashish yadav

co-founder of ask buddie & a passionate software engineer from nepal who loves to contribute on open source project. specialize in software development.

seafile.com Search: seafile open source file sync and share software

seafile is an open source, self-hosted file sync and share solution with high performance and reliability. sync, access, and collaborate on files on your own server or private cloud.

resourcespace.com Search: open source digital asset management (dam) software: resourcespace

sparkle-project.org Search: sparkle: open source software update framework for macos

heathermeeker.com Search: copyleft currents – a blog about open source software licensing

a blog about open source software licensing

mojaloop.io Search: mojaloop foundation open source software for payment interoperability

mojaloop foundation’s open source software for payment interoperability empowers organizations to connect the underserved with the rest of the digital economy.

meggsimum.de Search: meggsimum ihr experte für open source gis software und

meggsimum - büro für geoinformatik

catalyst-ca.net Search: expert open source software services catalyst it canada

catalyst it is a multi-region company that provides open source development services for open source software: lms moodle and totara, plus drupal cms.

hazelcast.org Search: open source projects hazelcast

codekk.com Search: android open source projects

android open source projects

kubesphere.io Search: open source kubernetes container platform for enterprise kubesphere

an open-source kubernetes platform to manage enterprise-grade kubernetes across hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and edge.

clipbucket.com Search: clipbucket open source ott, vod and enterprise video hosting solution

white label ott and vod platform | #1 youtube clone | #1 netflix clone | enterprise video hosting | video player | video cms | adoptive setreaming

openlogic.com Search: deploy open source backed by enterprise services openlogic

openlogic delivers comprehensive open source services, including mission-critical support, ready-to-go solution stacks, design guidance, and training. by engaging openlogic, global organizations can quickly adopt the right open source technologies to drive innovation, boost efficiency, and improve agility.

twiki.org Search: twiki the open source enterprise wiki and

twiki is leading open source enterprise wiki and web application platform used by 50,000 small businesses, many fortune 500 companies, and millions of people. the structured wiki has hundreds of plugin and is used as an intranet or extranet to run project and team workspaces, manage documents and knowledge bases, and implement other collaborative tool.

TWiki.org Search: twiki the open source enterprise wiki and web

ixsystems.com Search: ixsystems, inc. enterprise storage & servers driven by

ixsystems provides the best enterprise storage & servers driven by open source. developers of freenas, the #1 open source storage operating system.

benjamin-cabe.com Search: benjamin cabé iot ai open source &

iot - ai - open source & random tech news

projectsend.org Search: projectsend share files with your clients from your own

projectsend is an open source, clients-oriented, private file sharing web application.

tunnelblick.net Search: tunnelblick free open source openvpn vpn client server software

tunnelblick | free open source openvpn vpn client server software for macos

subrion.org Search: free open source cms :: open source cms, free php

get the power of the most user-friendly open source content management system written in php5 - subrion! spice up the free cms core functionality with the tons of free plugins and professional templates! get the best cms now!

opensourcehacker.com Search: open source hacker html5, python, javascript, linux an

get your dose of linux, python, javascript, html5, mobile and other cool and free technology.

cloudcompare.org Search: cloudcompare open source project

cloudcompare website entry page

doctrine-project.org Search: doctrine: php open source project

the doctrine project is an open-source php project that is home to home to several php libraries primarily focused on database storage and object mapping. the core projects are the object relational mapper (orm) and the database abstraction layer (dbal) it is built upon.

techcultivation.org Search: center for the cultivation of technology a non

a non-profit home for open source projects

opensourceprojectmanagement.org Search: free and open source project management tools

free and open source software project management tools: agile, scrum, kanban, lean, gantt, wbs, pert, backlog, sprint, planning, estimating, tracking, scheduling, requirements

opensource-socialnetwork.org Search: home : open source social network

open source social network the best social network software a powerful open source social network cms. use our cms to build an open source social network website free!

fiware.org Search: the open source platform for our smart digital future

fiware is a curated framework of open source platform components to accelerate the development of smart cities, smart industry, smart agrifood, smart water and smart energy.

anova.be Search: anova r&d

flossuk.org Search: flossuk free libre and open source systems uk

openmaptiles.org Search: world maps you can self host powered by

design and host maps with openstreetmap vector tiles and open-source tools. maps are compatible with leaflet, mapbox gl sdks, gis, wmts/wms, xyz map tiles, etc.

kopepasah.com Search: justin kopepasah · senior software engineer & open source advocate

justin, aka koop, is an experiened full-stack web developer working in open source and building products for the web, wordpress and beyond.

hydra-oms.com Search: hydra oms open source order and business process management

fusioniam.org Search: fusioniam federation of software to offer a global open

crowdfavorite.com Search: crowd favorite enterprise digital strategy, wordpress & open

crowd favorite is a world-class technology agency that specializes in enterprise-grade digital strategy and developing in open source. founded in 2007 by alex king, one of the original contributors to the first wordpress release, crowd favorite was the first digital agency focused on scaling the wordpress platform for the enterprise. through years of experience working on co

haschek-solutions.org Search: haschek solutions open source projects

eanalytics.de Search: eanalytics :: integrated open source web analytics

eanalytics the integrated open source solution for web analytics which offers everybody the opportunity to do professional web analytics without license fees.

oslint.org Search: open source live intelligence (oslint) intel, news & alerts

open source live intelligence (oslint) - intel, news & alerts

davidrevoy.com Search: david revoy artist, instructor, using only free libre

website of david revoy (aka deevad), artist and instructor using only free/libre and open-source software since 2009.

umltools.net Search: software architecture & unified modeling language free, open source

software architecture & unified modeling language: free, open source and commercial uml tools for use cases, class diagram, sequence diagram, object diagram

audacityteam.org Search: audacity ® free, open source, crossplatform audio software for

free, open source, cross-platform audio software. audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for windows, mac os x, gnu/linux and other operating systems. developed by a group of volunteers as open source and offered free of charge. amazing support community.

opensourcecgi.com Search: open source cgi

scotland is now for it company cgi, cgi animated short film: "the box assassin" by jeremy schaefer | cgmeetup, scotland is now for it company cgi, cgi animated short film "caminandes llamigos" by blender animation studio | cgmeetup

opensource101.com Search: open source 101

a one-day open source tools and process conference for developers | technologists | students | decision-makers

isopensource.com Search: is open source

high quality software like online hotel booking and car rental applications and web services by is open source based on open source elxis cms. is open source

theopensourceway.org Search: the open source way

hybrix.io Search: open source blockchain platform hybrix

we strive for freedom of transaction. one token on all chains. technically borderless, not restricted to any single distributed ledger. all chains in one solution.

multichain.com Search: multichain open source blockchain platform

javadoc.io Search: free java doc hosting for open source projects javadoc.io

librecad.org Search: librecad free open source 2d cad

nigerialogos.com Search: nigeria logos an open source project

a free logo library for nigerian companies

typo3.org Search: the typo3 project and community – open source cms

typo3 is a free enterprise-class cms based on php. it combines open source code with reliability and true scalability. this is the official project website.

conformal.com Search: conformal systems, llc. open source nuts

lhspodcast.info Search: linux in the ham shack linux, open source and

01.org Search: 01.org intel open source technology center

the intel open source technology center is committed to open source projects including the linux kernel, graphics, android, webkit and others.

z-push.org Search: zpush open source push technology

ownyourbits.com Search: own your bits technology with a focus on open

jonathanbossenger.com Search: jonathan bossenger – thoughts on open source, software development, and

thoughts on open source, software development, and life in general.

nathanshammah.com Search: nathan shammah – quantum physics. open source software. deep tech.

i am a theoretical physicist working in quantum technology and open-source software. i am the chief technology officer of unitary fund, a non-profit organization that performs in-house research in quantum tech and supports open-source software projects. i am also visiting scientist at the university of milan, italy and at riken, japan. previously, i was a…

opensourceworldconference.com Search: open source world conference 2012

la conferencia internacional de software libre, open source world conference (oswc), es uno de los principales eventos que se celebran en europa en el ámbito de las tecnologías de fuente abierta. tras seis ediciones, se ha convertido en punto de encuentro de todas las personas interesadas en el ámbito de la innovación en el software libre: usuarios, agentes sociales, des

ostif.org Search: ostif securing open source for the world

crunchydata.com Search: trusted open source postgresql & commercial support for the enterprise

deploy enterprise-ready postgresql on your choice of platform and infrastructure with commercial support from crunchy data.

fundoss.org Search: fundoss democratic funding for open source projects

gitplanet.com Search: gitplanet discover interesting open source projects

gitplanet - discover interesting open source projects

opensourceecology.org Search: home open source ecology

os.university Search: home open source university

ossblog.org Search: oss blog the home of open source

the home of open source

open-source-festival.de Search: home open source festival

opensourcebody.eu Search: open source body home

open source body is a transdisciplinary festival held every two years by the makery.info medialab.

opensource-experience.com Search: opensource experience le rendezvous européen de la communauté open

le rendez-vous européen de la communauté open source

mythtv.org Search: mythtv, open source dvr

mythtv is a free open source digital video recorder project distributed under the terms of the gnu gpl.

virtuslab.org Search: open source virtuslab

#vlteam does its best to contribute to open source projects and enhance software that is used by software developers around the world.

opensourcematters.org Search: welcome to open source matters! open source matters

asp.net Search: asp.net open source web framework for .net

build web apps and services that run on windows, linux, and macos using using c#, html, css, and javascript. get started for free on windows, linux, or macos.

opensource.careers Search: open source careers ltd

expressionengine.com Search: expressionengine the best open source cms

expressionengine is a flexible, feature-rich content management platform that empowers hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations around the world to easily manage their web site. publish your universe!

opensourcesecurity.io Search: open source security

security, but open blog podcast about

packetfence.org Search: packetfence open source nac

opensourceparquet.com Search: open source parquet

pyspark tutorial : understanding parquet, the parquet format and performance optimization opportunities boudewijn braams (databricks), apache parquet explained in 5 minutes, reading parquet files in python, how to read/write parquet file/data in apache spark

openerp.com Search: open source erp and crm odoo

ejbca.org Search: ejbca the open source ca

ejbca covers certificate issuing, management and certificate validation. the open source ca can easily be scaled to match the needs of your pki.

opensourcemusic.org Search: open source music

opensourcemusic.org is a website designed to provide access to public domain sheet music to musicians and music lovers alike. it is additionally focused on providing uninhibited criticism and analysis of concerts and works.

h5bp.org Search: h5bp ♥ open source

find all the h5bp projects in one place.

h2o.ai Search: h2o.ai is the open source leader in ai and ml

h2o ai hybrid cloud is an end-to-end platform that enables organizations to rapidly build world-class artificial intelligence models and applications.

Search: one year of open source everything

opensourceinfra.org Search: open source infrastructure

opensourcesweden.org Search: open source sweden

openmagazin.cz Search: blog o open source

katalog volně šiřitelného softwaru, články a návody pro oblíbené programy, které jsou zdarma.

opensourcecreative.org Search: open source creative

a weekly podcast where i ramble about creativity, process, and open source software.

opensourcesport.com Search: open source sport

how to make money on open source software? | как зарабатывать на open source?, coded an a.i betting bot and won _____!, designing a race car with open source tools, top 10 best moves in the first half of the 2021 year | wrestling

intercorp.de Search: open source & typo3

typo3 & webentwicklung, open source-programmierung & e-commerce, datenbank- & schnittstellen-lösungen aus bayreuth und nürnberg.

joomla.de Search: joomla! das open source cms

joomla.de, die deutschsprachige landesseite des preisgekrönten open source content management systems joomla.

ellislab.com Search: expressionengine the best open source cms

ios.dz Search: integrateur open source

envienta.com Search: envienta open source everything

the-guild.dev Search: the guild open source

open source developers with experience of working with the largest companies and applications. graphql consulting, workshops and trainings.

open-source-company.de Search: osc the open source company

es hat sich schon immer gelohnt, über den einsatz von open source software nachzudenken. kontaktieren sie uns für ein unverbindliches beratungsgespräch.

opensourcecable.org Search: open source cable

an open soure cable driven robot: first prototype, the rise of open-source software, indymill - open source diy cnc machine #4 final test!, this thing will get you the highest resolution from retro games (ossc)

singer.io Search: singer open source etl

simple, composable, open source etl

elxis.org Search: elxis open source cms

elxis is an open source content management system (cms) which you can download for free.

osweekends.com Search: open source weekends

opensource weekends es una comunidad donde cualquiera, incluso sin conocimientos, puede promover y contribuir con el software libre. osw.motto = "peace, love and open source.";

opensourcejobs.com Search: open source jobs

opensourcemusings.com Search: open source musings

sharing a passion for linux and open source, with a decidedly non-techie slant

odoo.com Search: open source erp and crm odoo

from erp to crm, ecommerce and cms. download odoo or use it in the cloud. grow your business.

facesofopensource.com Search: faces of open source

all faces. faces of open source is an on-going photographic documentation of the people behind the development and advancement of the open source revolution that has transformed the technology industry.

opensourcedefense.org Search: open source defense

100% gun rights, 0% culture war

osocalc.org Search: open source calculator

calculate whether switching to an open-source software solution will save you money.

opensourcejobhub.com Search: open source jobhub

find your place in the open source ecosystem

difi-dienstleistungen.de Search: contao open source cms

fairapps.net Search: fairapps best of open source

fairapps - best of open source. made with love in the alps.

opensourcescore.com Search: open source score

opensourcelisbon.com Search: open source lisbon

open source lisbon is the biggest open source event in portugal.

opensource-osijek.org Search: open source osijek

centar za razvoj programa i sustava baziranih na principima otvorenog kôda

opensourcebridge.science Search: open source bridge

contenido.org Search: contenido open source cms

das deutschsprachige open source web content management system für (mehrsprachige) plattformen und portale

opensourcedesign.net Search: open source design

connecting open source & design! ?

foolcontrol.org Search: foolcontrol: phear the penguin adnan hodzic on linux, open

fossi-foundation.org Search: the free and open source silicon foundation

fossi foundation website

librecores.org Search: librecores · free and open source silicon

netnewswire.com Search: netnewswire: free and open source rss reader for mac and

backdropcms.org Search: backdrop cms free open source cms built in

backdrop cms is a simple, lightweight, and easy to use content management system used to build attractive, professional websites.

dot.net Search: .net free. cross platform. open source.

.net is a developer platform with tools and libraries for building any type of app, including web, mobile, desktop, games, iot, cloud, and microservices.

foss4g.org Search: free and open source for geospatial conference

caprover.com Search: caprover · free and open source paas!

free and open source paas!

jetendo.com Search: jetendo cms fast, free, open source

tools and services for designers developers and organizations. build custom web sites using cfml html and a user-friendly web based management in

openpsychometrics.org Search: take a personality test open source psychometrics project

prestashop-project.org Search: prestashop project open source ecommerce platform

informaction.com Search: free open source software what is it?

free open source software by informaction - what is it?

osar.club Search: af0ss the open source amateur radio club

gtk.org Search: the gtk project a free and open source

gtk is a free and open-source cross-platform widget toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces.

linux-bildung.at Search: linux in der schule freie open source software in

podupti.me Search: open source social network uptime status

open source social network live status. find a open source social network pod/node to sign up for, find one close to you!

managebt.org Search: business technology standard the open source framework

business technology standard is an open source framework for leading, managing and developing business technology in an organisation.

arribada.org Search: arribada initiative open source conservation technology

we believe conservation technologies should be open, affordable and accessible to all.

anavi.technology Search: anavi technology certified open source hardware iot

certified by oshwa open source hardware iot powered by free and open source software

nui.fr Search: accueil cybersécurité, linux et open source à leur plus

telesculptor.org Search: telesculptor open source software that transforms aerial videos and

telesculptor is an open source, cross-platform desktop application for photogrammetry. it was designed specifically with a focus on aerial video processing leveraging video metadata standards (misb 0601) for geolocation, but it can handle both images and video either with or without metadata.

archaeogeek.com Search: open source


shields.io Search: shields.io: quality metadata badges for open source projects

we serve fast and scalable informational images as badges for github, travis ci, jenkins, wordpress and many more services. use them to track the state of your projects, or for promotional purposes.

dotnetopensourcedays.com Search: home dotnet open source days

calaos.fr Search: calaos, open source home automation

openssf.org Search: home open source security foundation

clinicopensourcearts.org Search: home :: clinic for open source arts

zcashminers.org Search: zcash open source miners home

on october 28, 2016, the launch of zcash will make zec coins available for mining. since zcash is an open source, decentralized cryptocurrency, we believe that mining should be available to everyone, regardless of their access to specialized hardware; anyone should be able to use a computer to “mine” by using open source software, and add more transactions to the zcash l

nzoss.nz Search: home new zealand open source society

kiwitron.tech Search: bitnami: open source. simplified

rundeck.org Search: rundeck open source community

rundeck community is built for small teams. it addresses the technical complexity of runbook automation for solving non-production self-service.

broadleafcommerce.com Search: commercial open source ecommerce

the best commercial open source ecommerce for b2c, b2b, marketplace, multi-site, unified commerce, and api commerce solutions, broadleaf commerce is a microservice-based fully customizable java framework based on spring boot technology.

nltechno.com Search: nltechno, the open source company

nltechno, the opensource company. easy to use solutions for small and medium companies.

potfit.net Search: potfit open source forcematching

umbraco.org Search: umbraco the flexible open source .net cms

umbraco is the leading open source asp.net cms | more than 700,000 websites worldwide are powered by our flexible and editor-friendly cms

openvpn.org Search: open source community openvpn

openvpn has many developers and contributors from openvpn inc. and from the broader openvpn community.

321update.com Search: 321update.com open source ecosystem