avala ai machine learning rocket fuel

avala.ai Search: avala ai machine learning rocket fuel

your out-of-this-world ai, trained with advanced data, powered by full stack data management. free until you’re ready to launch. avala.ai

pythonmachinelearning.pro Search: python machine learning tutorials on python machine learning, data

mlops-github.com Search: machine learning ops learn how to use github for

a collection of resources on how to facilitate machine learning ops with github.

ricardo.at Search: ricardo acheter & vendre en toute sécurité 3

deeplearninganalytics.org Search: data science and machine learning consulting deep learning analytics

we are a consulting firm specializing in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. we build machine learning model for computer vision and nlp applications

odpi.org Search: open source innovation in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep

allegro.ai Search: ml dl open source platform allegro ai deep

end-to-end ml / dl product life-cycle management open source solution. deep learning & machine learning platform tailored for unstructured data.

alexejgossmann.com Search: 0fold crossvalidation blogging aspirations: machine learning, statistics, deep learning,

blogging aspirations: machine learning, statistics, deep learning, math, theory, application, coding, creativity.

il-di.com Search: il&di conseil e learning et digital learning, publications, formation, évènement,

il&di : cabinet spécialisé en conseil e-learning et digital learning, et stratégie auprès des organismes et des professionnels de la formation.

thehost.top Search: deep learning experts • machine learning development services logoloader

ciklum r&d engineers will develop deep learning algorithms for your data science project. integrate ai solutions in your business and generate high roi.

dataquest.io Search: learn data science: python, r, sql, stats, machine learning

our hands-on data science courses will help you learn data skills: r, python and sql — so you can grow your data science career.

practically.com Search: self learning app get experiential learning from home online

practically, the self learning app makes learning fun and interactive through virtual reality 3d simulators & augmented reality videos. it offers live classes from the best teachers and mentors making learning from home more fruitful. download the app now.

deepy.ai Search: machine learning, deep learning

python-school.ru Search: корпоративные курсы python в big data и machine learning

практические курсы по python в big data и machine learning в специализированном учебном центре корпоративного обучения - сертификат гособразца, москва

pceuropa.net Search: software development: yii2, python, machine learning

we want to change the world and our applications for better

bigdatateam.org Search: courses on big data, machine learning and python

deep dive into big data, machine learning and python with industry experts. get hands-on experience to become data scientist or data engineer.

hunch.net Search: machine learning (theory) machine learning and learning theory research

womenandcode.org Search: women and code javascript,html,css,python,courses,web development,tutorials,programming,training,learning,lessons,modules,learning group,study group,feminist,women,coding,beginners,hackathon

women and code is an initiative to bring women* into programming in austria. we offer different events such as a javascript, a web dev, and a python study group for beginners which takes place every second week in vienna. we also offer intensive workshops and hackathons to complement our bi-weekly events. javascript web dev python…

gosparks.io Search: sparks plateforme de digital learning, social learning, vidéo learning

ujjwalkarn.me Search: the data science blog machine learning, deep learning, nlp,

my name is ujjwal karn and i am interested in natural language processing and deep learning. i have around four years of industry and research experience in machine learning and related areas. i occasionally blog about new things i learn and hope to write a lot more in near future. technologies i have worked on deep learning (pytorch, caffe2,…

yonder-ai.com Search: protecting brands online with ai & machine learning

yonder uses modern technology to track online factions and narratives, so companies can find and create more advocates while protecting their brand.

newknowledge.com Search: protecting brands online with ai & machine learning yonder group

guitton.co Search: guitton.co python machine learning engineering

my personal serverless website where i blog and store useful snippets for python software development, machine learning and data engineering.

mlssummit.com Search: machine learning safety summit – 20 21 may 2021, amsterdam,

more and more companies integrate ai technologies and machine learning algorithms into their business operations these days. undoubtedly, it revolutionises our lives at a fast pace and solves a vast number of issues, including safety.

thertrader.com Search: the r trader machine learning with python and r

jovian.ai Search: jovian: learn data science & machine learning online

learn data science & machine learning. participate in live online courses. build real-world projects. earn certifications. interact with a global community.

wblnavigator.org Search: nc’s workbased learning navigator connecting classroom learning with career

yashuseth.blog Search: let the machines learn a blog on data science,

a blog on data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

junilearning.com Search: online learning for kids 1on1, group, & selfpaced

where kids go to learn real-world skills for the modern world including coding, investing, storytelling or more! explore our courses and get your first class free. zero risk.

gc-solutions.net Search: e learning solutions software provider companies in india

g-cube offers e-learning solutions and best corporate lms (learning management system) for companies worldwide.

rare-technologies.com Search: rare technologies pragmatic machine learning

splicemachine.com Search: splice machine realtime machine learning and ai solutions

our machine learning solutions predict outcomes in real time, enabling better decisions in the moment for companies.

emergingedtech.com Search: emerging education technologies engaging students and enhancing learning outcomes

learningtechnologiesfrance.com Search: learning technologies france paris, 2627 janvier 2022 le

learning technologies france est l‘évènement #1 en france dans le domaine des technologies au service de la formation. la dernière édition, en janvier 2019, a réuni plus de 6000 professionnels du e-learning, de la formation, des ressources humaines et de la gestion des talents du monde entier. programme des conférences

soladisdigital.fr Search: soladis digital – expertise data science et machine learning

expertise data science et machine learning, soladis digital vous accompagne sur les sujets de traitement de données de big data, d’algorithmie…

sourtech.com Search: sourtech programacion dise?o moderacion de contenidos

sourtech es una empresa con secciones de programacion, moderación, externalización de labores

rapidminer.com Search: rapidminer best data science & machine learning platform

rapidminer is a leading data science platform that unites data prep, machine learning & predictive model deployment.

lumenlearning.com Search: lumen learning lumen learning: online learning materials & resources for

lumen learning offers affordable digital courseware & professional development resources to enhance effective teaching and increase student success. explore our 50+ college courses today!

howtolearnmachinelearning.com Search: how to learn machine learning a repository of resources

looking for the best material to learn machine learning? check out our repository with the best resources to do so: books, courses and more!

intelligentmachine.ai Search: intelligent machine on applied artificial intelligence and machine learning.

datenea.es Search: software de big data, machine learning e inteligencia artificial

la herramienta para que el conocimiento de tus proyectos de big data, machine learning e inteligencia artificial sea un valor real para ti y para tu empresa.

dataworkshop.eu Search: dataworkshop machine learning data science

dataworkshop: praktyczne uczenie maszynowe | praktyczne uczenie maszynowe dla biznesu | data science

clarifai.com Search: clarifai computer vision, nlp & machine learning platform

clarifai is the leading machine learning, computer vision & nlp platform. label, train, deploy models on one ai platform for developers & data scientists.

hadrian-advisors.com Search: predictive analytics research group hadrian advisors we provide

we provide machine learning and data-mining technologies applied to predicitive analysis.

algopine.com Search: algopine data science & machine learning solutions for ecommerce,

keeunit.de Search: online akademie software, lms & e learning keeunit

ihre mobile e-learning software als white-label-plattform + interaktive e-learning-kurse. intuitiv und unkompliziert. sprechen sie uns an!

iagetechnologies.com Search: aipowered email marketing with machine learning technologies iage technologies

iage technologies ? ai-powered email marketing solution for dynamic marketing teams ➤ increase revenues from ? email channels ✔️ trusted by top email marketers in the u.s.

learning.google Search: google learning digital learning tools & solutions

explore digital learning tools and solutions from google designed to help everyone in the world learn anything in the world.

experiencedata.nl Search: experience data kunstmatige intelligentie & machine learning

met behulp van kunstmatige intelligentie en machine learning laten we mens en machine optimaal en effectief samenwerken op basis van ervaringsdata.

tryolabs.com Search: tryolabs machine learning & data science consulting

tryolabs is a machine learning and data science consulting firm that helps companies build and implement custom solutions that drive business results.

statworx.com Search: ihr partner für data science, machine learning und ki

als führendes unternehmen für data science, machine learning und ki unterstützen wir sie dabei, mit daten und ki ihre zukunft zu gestalten.

logicai.io Search: logicai machine learning and data science consulting

we are a company composed of passionate data scientists. we created kaggle days events and support companies in machine learning & big data projects.

kaggle.com Search: kaggle: your machine learning and data science community

kaggle is the world’s largest data science community with powerful tools and resources to help you achieve your data science goals.

mlgdansk.pl Search: mlgdańsk machine learning gdańsk group

cxg.ch Search: cxg ag web development, big data, machine learning

agency with a focus on intelligent web development, data-mining and artificial intelligence. we focus on getting the most out of applications and data.

predictiveanalyticsworldindustry40.eu Search: machine learning & big data conference

industry-experts discuss the latest trends & technologies in machine & deep learning for the era of internet of things & artificial intelligence l read more | may 11-12, 2020

schoolhack.io Search: projectbased learning and skills assessment platform lift learning™

lift learning is a customizable platform for delivering collaborative project-based learning and competency-based portfolio assessment.

dreambox.com Search: dreambox learning online math learning for students, k8

dreambox personalized math and reading solutions are proven to rapidly accelerate learning for k-12 students

elderresearch.com Search: elder research data science, ai, and machine learning

at elder research, we hand-craft innovative data analytics solutions that inform decisions, deliver value, and transform businesses.

cml.dev Search: cml continuous machine learning: bring devops to data

cml is continuous integration for machine learning. bring devops practices to your projects for automatic, reproducible, and fast machine learning.

ml-summit.de Search: ml summit das große trainingsevent für machine learning

das große trainingsevent für machine learning & data science | 19. - 21. april 2021, online | präsentiert von entwickler akademie

marktechpost.com Search: artificial intelligence data science machine learning blog

marktechpost, llc is a california-based artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and data science media platform

edcomcenter.org Search: education & community learning center our registered 501 (c)

thelearningawards.com Search: the learning awards recognising innovation and achievement in workplace

the industry flagship celebration of innovation, excellence and success in workplace l&d. with a showcase event in london and live-streamed around the world, the learning awards is truly a global event.

idchess.com Search: idchess. machine learning solutions.

veturai.com Search: veturai machine learning solutions

yilinwang.org Search: yilin wang (王艺霖) computer vision and machine learning

homepage of yilin wang, machine learning and computer vision. this website provides info about his biography, publications, service and software.

dioram.ai Search: dioram: computer vision, machine learning, slam for ar vr, robots,

in this post i’ll cover what “6 degree-of-freedom”(6dof) positional tracking is, why is it so important for vr and especially for ar and review some of the popular approaches to tracking.

pachyderm.com Search: pachyderm the data foundation for machine learning

vda-lab.be Search: machine learning data analysis vdalab.be

op zoek naar machine learning, data analysis, ai,big data? ontdek op startpagina vda-lab.be

lightly.ai Search: data curation for machine learning lightly

improve machine learning models by curating vision data. find and remove redundancy and bias introduced by the data collection process to reduce overfitting and improve generalization.

7puentes.com Search: 7puentes. web data extraction & machine learning

supahands.com Search: data labelling for machine learning supahands

supahands is the leading end-to-end data labelling partner for ai/ml companies. find out more and set up a poc within 48 hours by speaking to us today!

aisport.com Search: aisport sport data with ai and machine learning

pachyderm.io Search: pachyderm the data foundation for machine learning

data lineage with end-to-end pipelines on kubernetes, engineered for the enterprise. and… it’s open source!

scikit-learn.org Search: scikitlearn: machine learning in python scikitlearn 0.16.1 documentation

datascience.salon Search: machine learning and artificial intelligence conference. data science

the data science salon series is a unique vertical focused conference which brings together specialists face-to-face to educate each other, illuminate best practices, and innovate new solutions in a casual atmosphere with food, great coffee, and entertainment.

saturncloud.io Search: saturn cloud 100x faster data science & machine

data science & machine learning for scalable python. see how saturn helps teams train and deploy models with distributed systems and gpus

livestreamlearningstudio.com Search: online learning platform livestream learning studio

livestream learning studio is an exciting school year subscription service that provides unmatched and powerful educational engagement across many subject areas.

attunely.com Search: attunely machine learning for receivables management

we offer a proven, compliant, and trustworthy machine learning platform that makes the recovery of receivables easy, seamless, and profitable.

seldon.io Search: seldon machine learning deployment software

machine learning deployment platform for enterprise

issart.com Search: artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision issart

iss art provides custom software development services. we apply artificial intelligence to develop advanced solutions tailored to the customer needs

spleenlab.com Search: spleenlab safe machine learning solutions

decisionbrain.com Search: decisionbrain machine learning and optimization solutions

decisionbrain combines optimization and machine learning techniques to create innovative and customizable ai-based decision support solutions

so5.ai Search: so5 machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions

we develop and integrate ad hoc ml/ai solutions oriented to solve practical business problems. machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions that drive business growth.

involveedu.com Search: involve equips students with academic and futureready skills through peer

involve equips students with academic and future-ready skills through peer learning strategies.

aggranda.com Search: robotic process automation (rpa), software robots, ai and machine learning

aggranda is creating software robots using robotic process automation (rpa), ai and machine learning on the uipath platform.

datarevenue.com Search: data revenue  biotech machine learning team

help your research team adopt machine learning faster. data revenue develops custom machine learning infrastructure for biomedical and pharmaceutical research teams.

definedcrowd.com Search: ai training data to speed machine learning definedcrowd®

definedcrowd® is a leading ai training data company. learn why more brands trust our training data to deploy and scale ai projects quickly.

quantigo.ai Search: highquality training data for machine learning

quantigo ai provides a fully managed data annotation solution for your machine learning training data needs. leverage our annotation experts to create accurate ai models!

xarg.org Search: advanced developer blog • computer science and machine learning

a blog about advanced development techniques and on how to build intelligent and scalable web applications

ltgplc.com Search: learning technologies group plc – learning technologies and innovation learning technologies

learning technologies group plc (ltg) is a market-leader in the fast-growing workplace digital learning and talent management market. ltg offers large organisations a new approach to learning and talent in a business world driven by digital transformation.

lrngacademy.org Search: online learning & tutoring in ontario lrng academy

our online learning & tutoring in ontario classes help the next generation achieve academic success through progressive learning, ongoing assessments, interactive games and confidence building.

analyticsindiamag.com Search: analytics india magazine artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science

analytics india magazine chronicles technological progress in the space of analytics, artificial intelligence, data science & big data in india

electralearning.com Search: electra learning change management and learning experts

electra learning - change management and learning experts. our mission is to improve the productivity of people, processes and systems.

parallellearning.com Search: understand & empower children with learning differences parallel learning

online psycho-educational evaluations and evidence-based instruction for children, teens & young adults from the comfort and privacy of home

iclru.org Search: institute for continued learning roosevelt university because learning

because learning is a lifelong experience

iser.com Search: learning disabilities: educational assessments, schools, therapists, learning centers, tutors online

find special education and special needs resources, online and in-person, for children, teens, young adults across the united states and the world. find help for your child with ld during covid-19

learningresources.com Search: learning resources® kids educational toys & learning games

learning resources has a variety of hands-on educational toys for kids of all ages. have fun while your child develops their motor and social skills.

mlr-org.com Search: machine learning in r

planche.me Search: benjamin planche researcher and author computer vision and

personal page of benjamin planche. researcher, author, photographer, and traveler

ronghanghu.com Search: ronghang hu computer vision, natural language processing, and machine

predictto.com Search: predictto, software de mantenimiento predictivo y machine learning

descubre predictto, el software de mantenimiento predictivo que optimiza la toma de decisiones en la planificación del mantenimiento.

thelearningrooms.com Search: home the learning rooms, dublin, ireland

the learning rooms is a digital learning services company that helps organisations deliver technology-based training solutions. we provide elearning consultancy, training and supports for your l&d team on their elearning journey. need a bespoke solution? let us design an engaging online learning experience just for you.

cognilytica.com Search: cognilytica research, advisory, and education focused on big data

cognilytica website

thedlrgroup.com Search: the digital learning and social media research group investigating

functionize.com Search: ai test automation with machine learning functionize

functionize smart test automation lets anyone create end-to-end tests in minutes. tests are powered by ai/ml to run on any browser and self heal as your site changes.

paperswithcode.com Search: the latest in machine learning papers with code

papers with code highlights trending machine learning research and the code to implement it.

softwaremill.com Search: softwaremill scala, java, blockchain, big data, machine learning

custom software solutions: web applications, backend systems & enterprise applications. scala, java, blockchain, big data, machine learning.

ml6.eu Search: ml6 machine learning & ai experts drive

we create ai solutions that drive value. ml6 is an official google cloud partner. a team of 80+ machine learning and artificial intelligence experts over 5 countries. we build custom software systems and ensure ai governance.

fgiasson.com Search: frederick giasson data scientist and machine learning engineer

i am a data scientist, a machine learning engineer and an entrepreneur living in québec city, qc, canada.

contovista.com Search: contovista: banking with machine learning & data analytics. ai based.

pioneer for data-driven banking - we offer data analytics and white label finance management solutions. create new digital & finance banking experiences.

dotmodus.com Search: dotmodus data analytics, machine learning and custom software. google,

data analytics, machine learning and custom software. google, amazon and microsoft partners.

reasonance.de Search: reasonance gmbh machine learning and digital transformation

reasonance gmbh - your partner for machine learning, big data analytics and digital transformation solutions. we advice, plan and build future proof systems

modl.ai Search: modl.ai ai and machine learning for game development

providing ai and machine learning tools for game development, automating glitch detection, regression testing, scaling puzzle levels, learning player behavior, and creating human-like bots.

nietras.com Search: nietras – programming, mechanical sympathy, machine learning and .net ❤.

programming, mechanical sympathy, machine learning and .net ❤.

stackml.com Search: stackml platform to use machine learning in browser

simple gui tool for non-ai people to use machine learning in browser.

emedgene.com Search: machine learning genomic analysis platform

applying machine learning to genomics. accelerate ngs data analysis and automate variant classification with evidence curated from the literature. from sample to report.

mccormickml.com Search:

crant.ai Search: crant a creative machine learning company

creativity and technology. we help organizations become smarter competitors through data-focused digital transformation.

leadinglearning.com Search: leading learning resources for learning business professionals

the leading resource for organizations serving the global market for lifelong learning, continuing education, and professional development.

casser.io Search: vincent casser machine learning researcher, software engineer

sciml.ai Search: sciml: open source software for scientific machine learning

ml4a.net Search: machine learning for arts

ml4a is a collection of tools and educational resources for making art with machine learning.

fairmlbook.org Search: fairness and machine learning

adventuresinml.com Search: adventures in machine learning

a weekly podcast about machine learning

machinelearningmastery.com Search: machine learning mastery

making developers awesome at machine learning.

wimlworkshop.org Search: women in machine learning

predictiveanalyticstimes.com Search: machine learning times

ml-ops.org Search: ml ops: machine learning operations

machine learning operations

fingerspelling.xyz Search: fingerspelling with machine learning

fingerspelling.xyz uses your webcam and machine learning to analyze your hand shapes so you can learn to sign the american sign language alphabet.

ferolabs.com Search: machine learning for factories

fero is a machine learning solution powering the next wave of industrial process improvement.

machinelearningapplied.com Search: machine learning applied

dq0.io Search: dq0 privacypreserving machine learning

dq0 guarantees the protection of your data through differential privacy. you retain complete control over your data, private information is never disclosed.

mlprague.com Search: machine learning prague

practical conference about machine learning, ai and deep learning applications

nextml.com Search: nextml machine learning

machine learning to detect damage on railroad, to identify people in videos, to detect diseases in blood and much more

mindtitan.com Search: mindtitan build aidriven organization with machine learning solutions

mindtitan solves business problems with advanced ai and machine learning solutions for public and private sectors.

ekkono.ai Search: edge machine learning and virtual sensors ekkono solutions

learning-live.com Search: learning live an unmissable experience for learning leaders

learninga-z.com Search: literacy and science learning resources for k6 teachers learning

ageoflearning.com Search: age of learning, inc. > early learning, education technology leader

age of learning blends education best practices, innovative technology, and insightful creativity to bring learning to life for children across the u.s. and around the world.

mandalaworldacademy.com Search: mandala world academy online teaching learning system, homeschool educational

mandala world academy mission is to establish educational curriculum and centres throughout the world. we focus on art learning, neuroscience, equestrian therapy, farming, and brain targeted teaching to build your skills and advance your career!

jadbio.com Search: jadbio automated machine learning platform automl

user-friendly machine learning without coding. equipped with powerful knowledge extraction tools for bioinformaticians, biologists, oncologists, clinicians, and data scientists regardless of level of expertise

ml-essentials.de Search: ml essentials 2020 deep dive trainings für machine

ml essentials 2020 - deep-dive-trainings für machine learning und ki

andrulis.tech Search: andrulis.tech machine learning, technology, agi & entrepreneurship

press, ideas, art and research by jonas andrulis and friends

onpassive.com Search: artificial intelligence & machine learning company onpassive

onpassive is an ai and ml technology company. products built with artificial intelligence and ml to provide business solutions. try onpassive products to achieve success.

mlsb.io Search: machine learning in structural biology

workshop at the 35th conference on neural information processing systems

ai-fyi.com Search: an ai & machine learning newsletter from infinite red

a monthly newsletter for people who want friendly and personable updates on the expanding world of ai and machine learning. curated by infinite red, and delivered monthly to your inbox.

isoft.fr Search: isoft the next step in machine learning

telepath.io Search: developerfriendly machine learning telepath

machine learning platform for developers, not data scientists. build predictive models without any previous ai experience.

mlai.melbourne Search: melbourne machine learning and ai meetup

melbourne machine learning and ai meetup website

ml-architects.ch Search: machine learning architects basel machine learning architects basel

as part of the swiss digital network, we are experienced in developing and managing highly reliable software and infrastructure projects. this expertise is augmented by data scientists and ml experts who support you in developing and executing on your ai strategy using mlops best practices.

mlcathome.org Search: machine learning comprehension @ home

a boinc distributed computing project for studying machine learning models

mle.hamburg Search: machine learning in engineering @ tuhh

machine learning in engineering praxistransfer

gradient.run Search: gradient use machine learning to make anything.

from exploration to production, gradient enables individuals and teams to quickly develop, track, and collaborate on deep learning models.

tensorthings.com Search: tensorthings the machine learning blog

mlmu.cz Search: machine learning meetups the ai community

replicate.ai Search: replicate  reproducible machine learning

ml5js.org Search: ml5js·friendly machine learning for the web

ml5.js aims to make machine learning approachable for a broad audience of artists, creative coders, and students. the library provides access to machine learning algorithms and models in the browser, building on top of tensorflow.js with no other external dependencies.

cognitive-ml.fr Search: coml cognitive machine learning

website of coml research team

aimltechbrief.com Search: home ai & machine learning tech brief

lets-unify.ai Search: ivy the unified machine learning framework

bitsy.ai Search: bitsy ai machine learning for raspberry pi

teach yourself deep learning with hands-on projects for raspberry pi, arduino, and more.

digamma.ai Search: digamma.ai ai and machine learning consultants digamma.ai ai and machine learning

machinelearningweek.eu Search: machine learning week europe

witness how machine learning is employed at leading enterprises and resulting in improved health outcomes, lower costs, and higher patient satisfaction!

cyou.ai Search: charlie you machine learning engineer

charlie you is a machine learning engineer at workday and the host of ml engineered, a long-form interview podcast aiming to help listeners bring ai out of the lab and into products that people love. he holds a b.s. in computer science from rensselaer polytechnic institute and previously worked for aws ai.

jmlr.org Search: journal of machine learning research

predictiveanalyticsworldhealthcare.eu Search: machine learning for the healthcare industry

witness how machine learning is employed at leading enterprises and resulting in improved health outcomes, lower costs, and higher patient satisfaction! read more l may 11-12, 2020

mindsdb.com Search: machine learning in your database using simple sql

integrate mindsdb and make predictions on top of the data in your existing database using sql queries, eliminating costly replication and simplifying your application infrastructure.

torstenfell.com Search: torsten fell academy immersive learning (vr, ar, mr),

pythagore-fd.fr Search: formations cloud computing, big data, machine learning, openstack, amazon aws,

formation informatique paris

vrlearninglab.nl Search: vr learning lab we explore virtual & augmented

we explore virtual & augmented reality for learning and solving problems

transformativelearning.nl Search: transformative learning learning and change within people and society

learning and change within people and society towards a more sustainable world

linkaffinity.io Search: ethical link building tool and digital pr through a.i. and

link affinity is not just a simple digital pr and ethical link building tool. it is an innovative and revolutionary me thod that saves professionals countless hours

shirpas.com Search: shirpas.com language learning posts about learning languages including mandarin

remakelearning.org Search: remake learning igniting engaging, relevant, and equitable learning practices


learningresiliency.com Search: learning lab for resiliency® independent action learning for the

learning2021.com Search: learning 2021 the learning leaders conference orlando, florida

learningnuggets.ca Search: learning nuggets slow learning for my brain, mind, and

eltngl.com Search: national geographic learning english learning programs and resources

bringing the world to the classroom and the classroom to life. find english language learning materials and resources for young learners, teens, and adults.

bcomposes.com Search: bcomposes computational linguistics, machine learning, programming, and random thoughts

kantanmtblog.com Search: kantanmt machine learning neural engines ai

kantanmt - machine learning - neural engines - ai - language technology

fitlearners.com Search: the science of learning meets the art of teaching

learn how the fit learning model isolates core learning skills and trains them to fluency – a measure of true mastery or proficiency.

dioramslam.com Search: dioram computer vision, machine learning, slam for arvr, robots,

custom computer vision, machine learning, slam software development for ar + vr, robotics and autonomous vehicles

folio3.ai Search: machine learning company & artificial intelligence solution folio3.ai

folio3 machine learning company makes use of artificial intelligence solution for businesses to explore infinite possibilities and digital transformations.

reach-i4.hu Search: reach solutions ltd. iot, industry, i4, big data,fog computing and

our mission is to help transforming production plants into real-time, data-driven smart factories like a digital twin. we combine state-of-the art big data and iot technology with the most up-to-date machine learning algorithms in our reach solution. real-time data processing and ultra-fast data analysis enables building industry 4.0 use cases in a user-friendly way wi

kirasystems.com Search: machine learning contract search, review and analysis software

gain visibility into contract repositories, accelerate and improve the accuracy of contract review, mitigate risk of errors, win new business, and improve the value you provide to your clients.

tensorly.org Search: tensorly: tensor learning in python

tensorly: tensor learning in python -- redirection to stable

prodi.gy Search: prodigy · an annotation tool for ai, machine learning &

a downloadable annotation tool for nlp and computer vision tasks such as named entity recognition, text classification, object detection, image segmentation, a/b evaluation and more.

conductrics.com Search: conductrics ab testing and machine learning for optimization

getneuro.ai Search: neuro: instant infrastructure for machine learning

train your model in the cloud instantly. deploy in 1-click.

mlsummit.ai Search: ml summit the big training event for machine learning

ml summit | the big training event for machine learning | 11 - 13 october 2021 | online presented by entwickler akademie

weblab.ai Search: weblab machine learning notebook for javascript

weblab lets you write and evaluate javascript in an interactive notebook. it gives you a great environment to build machine learning and data science applications.

feast.dev Search: feast: feature store for machine learning

feast is an end-to-end open source feature store for machine learning. it allows teams to define, manage, discover, and serve features.

magicml.com Search: magicml: mtg tools, powered by machine learning

magic: the gathering card search powered by natural language processing

aiml.events Search: artificial intelligence & machine learning events

list of the best hand-picked artificial intelligence and machine learning events, conferences, summits, workshops, trainings in 2020-2021 world-wide

aydao.ai Search: aydao.ai art, artificial intelligence, and machine learning aydao.ai

art, artificial intelligence, and machine learning

mlconf.eu Search: ml conf eu – the machine learning conference for engineers

ml conf eu is a place to learn all about the practical application of machine learning for engineers. on november 5-6, 2020 get a clearer idea of ml, and practice it for your own projects

radimrehurek.com Search: radim řehůřek: machine learning consulting

i help clients define, design, and build systems for intelligent data processing.

we-assist.io Search: weassist vergroot de klantgerichtheid machine learning ai

de snelste en meest efficiënte manier om klantvragen te voorspellen. een slimme applicatie die inspeelt op het juiste moment, gerelateerd aan de context van je bezoeker. zowel intern voor je medewerkers als extern voor je website bezoekers te gebruiken. vergroot de klantgerichtheid en verlaag kosten!

nyckel.com Search: nyckel machine learning api automl as a service

smlb.org Search: smlb students for machine learning in business

students for machine learning in business is an open, multi-disciplinary group of ualberta students dedicated to discussion, research and implementation of machine learning methods in applications of business and entrepreneurship. artificial intelligence is transforming our lives and economy. with smlb. we intend for individuals of a wide breadth of backgrounds to learn and

wardenswap.finance Search: wardenswap the best price with builtin machine learning.

the best-rate search engine. best price guarantee—running on machine learning algorithm to make sure you’ll find the best rate!!

evidentlyai.com Search: evidently ai opensource machine learning monitoring

open-source tools to evaluate, test and monitor machine learning model in production.

mldb.ai Search: mldb: the opensource machine learning database

grid.ai Search: grid.ai focus on machine learning not infrastructure

from the creators of pytorch lighting. democratizing state of the art ai research by focusing on machine learning not infrastructure.

ghostday.pl Search: ghost day: applied machine learning conference

applied machine learning conference

axom-software.com Search: softwareentwicklung, devops, machine learning, blockchain

it beratung, systemarchitektur, back-end, front-end, webdesign, dev-ops, data mining, web scraping, machine learning, blockchain.

factorypal.com Search: boost manufacturing with machine learning factorypal

machine data is the key to improving your oee. future-proof your shop floor – learn more about your opportunities with factorypal here.

secondmind.ai Search: secondmind® machine learning for automotive innovators

secondmind helps manage the complexity of engineering design to create better cars in less time and achieve greater sustainability through machine learning.

rolisz.com Search: machine learning consulting roland szabo

fritz.ai Search: fritz ai machine learning for ios, android, snapml

fritz ai is the machine learning platform for ios, android, and snapml in lens studio. train custom solutions or use pre-trained models.

distill.pub Search: distill latest articles about machine learning

fiddler.ai Search: fiddler ai machine learning monitoring for enterprise

monitor, observe, analyze, and explain your machine learning models in production with fiddler ai. maximize ml model performance with our model performance management platform that simply plugs in.

mlcon.nl Search: mlcon 2021 machine learning conference

during this conference you will learn more about artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques that are used in the high tech industry.

mcplusa.com Search: intelligence experiences driven by machine learning mc+a

work with an award-winning search and analytics consultancy that implements machine learning solutions that deliver intelligence experiences.

edwinjose.com Search: edwin jose machine learning researcher

alkaline-ml.com Search: alkalineml distilling machine learning into its basics

distilling machine learning into its basics

loyae.com Search: loyae : machine learning for site optimization

seamlessly using machine learning to optimise web pages for seo and sem

mlinstitute.org Search: the machine learning institute certificate in finance (mli)

OctoML.ai Search: accelerated machine learning deployment octoml

accelerated machine learning deployment | octoml

mlebook.com Search: machine learning engineering by andriy burkov

innovito.com Search: elearning, corporate digital learning, learning management system innovito

innovito© learning solutions provides innovative elearning solutions to customers across the arab world, from custom made online courses to learning management systems that helps businesses improve performance through learning and technology.

arpeely.com Search: arpeely autonomous machine learning media acquisition & fraud detection

data2day.de Search: data2day 2020 – die konferenz für big data, data science

die data2day stellt die herausforderungen moderner massendatenanalyse vor, präsentiert werkzeuge und vorgehensweisen und lässt it-praktiker zu wort kommen.

socialexpress.com Search: social learning made easy brighten learning

welcome to the social express, a company focused on social-emotional learning, career path exploration and learning life skills . our fun programs teach users h

littlelighthouselearningcenter.org Search: little lighthouse learning center creative learning begins here

mission-learning.org Search: mission learning die e learning seite von

learningfromchrist.com Search: learning from christ a blog dedicated learning about god

learning from christ is a christian blog that strives to learn more about god the bible and our world every day. the goal findtruth and share it with others

trustforlearning.org Search: trust for learning ideal learning made real for all.

trust for learning is a philanthropic partnership dedicated to expanding ideal early learning environments for underserved children.

learningtofi.com Search: learning to fi learning about personal finance, life,

learning to fi is a site to share my journey to financial independence.

nonprofitlearning.center Search: nonprofit learning center excellence in learning for nonprofits

elegantelearning.com Search: elegant e learning: reinventing e learning for the 21st century

advanced solutions for modern-day practice testing

elearningguild.com Search: the learning guild: community & resources for learning professionals

the learning guild is a community of practice for those supporting the design, development, strategy, and management of organizational learning.

learning-rooms.com Search: gratnells learning rooms enhancing the learning environment

at gratnells, we’re a manufacturing organisation which takes great pride in its product design and quality. together with a whole range of partners and collaborators we’ve co-developed new ideas in the application of digital technologies, in the performing arts, in outdoor learning, in all the places where teachers teach and children learn.

learningally.org Search: audiobooks for dyslexia & learning disabilities learning ally

dublinlearningcity.ie Search: dublin learning city a learning festival in the capital

a learning city promotes lifelong learning for all. as a member of the unesco global network of learning cities (gnlc), dublin promotes this.

oetang.be Search: oetang learning designers learning tools & interventions

arisconde.com Search: arisconde by the data for the people, machine learning,

kdnuggets.com Search: machine learning, data science, big data, analytics, ai

machine learning, data science, big data, analytics, ai

appliedinformaticsinc.com Search: applied informatics machine learning, nlp and knowledge graphbased solutions

we build advanced machine learning, nlp and knowledge graph-based solutions for the life sciences industry

bigdata-insider.de Search: bigdata insider das fachportal für big data, business

bigdata-insider ist das informationsportal für alle themen rund um das management und die analyse großer datenbestände.

consetto.com Search: consetto.com enterprise apps machine learning sapui5

machine learning und enterprise apps: wir bringen die technologien der zukunft schon heute in ihr unternehmen.

mindsync.ai Search: mindsync.ai machine learning competition on a decentralized supercomputer

mindsync is a decentralized community-driven platform to help solve business tasks using machine learning competitions and utilizing the resources of gpu miners.

blockimpact.com Search: blockimpact the next generation of blockchain & machine learning

integrating digital money to move money quickly, reliably, using distributed ledger technologies.

nemesida-security.com Search: cyber security with the nemesida and machine learning power

mlengineered.com Search: machine learning engineered podcast background layer 1

this podcast helps machine learning engineers become the best at what they do. join host charlie you every week as he talks to the brightest minds in data science, artificial intelligence, and software engineering to discover how they bring cutting edge research out of the lab and into products that people love.

priberam.pt Search: priberam machine learning and natural language processing

priberam is the world’s leading supplier of natural language processing and search technologies for the portuguese language.

mirrar.ru Search: mirrar: оптимизация бизнеса с помощью machine learning

atgartificialintelligence.com Search: intelligenza artificiale e machine learning atg a.i. erba

spokestack.io Search: spokestack machine learning for voice made easy

automl tools and open source libraries for mobile, web, and embedded software. built by developers, for developers. get started free.

toumetis.com Search: driving real business value with applied machine learning

toumetis is the expert in driving real business results with applied machine learning solutions for industrial iot.

3rdplace.com Search: customer intelligence e modelli di machine learning 3rdplace

3rdplace sviluppa soluzioni tecnologiche basate su artificial intelligence per data governance, data modeling, customer data plaform.

themlbook.com Search: the hundredpage machine learning book by andriy burkov

all you need to know about machine learning in a hundred pages. supervised and unsupervised learning, support vector machines, neural networks, ensemble methods, gradient descent, cluster analysis and dimensionality reduction, autoencoders and transfer learning, feature engineering and hyperparameter tuning! math, intuition, illustrations, all in just a hundred pages!

statquest.org Search: statquest!!! an epic journey through statistics and machine learning

an epic journey through statistics and machine learning

prenode.de Search: home prenode gmbh decentralized machine learning

prenode’s solution enables you to enrich your products with powerful ai-based features and services without sacrificing data privacy.

zingbrain.ai Search: machine learning and ai engine for gambling and casinos

ai rapidly changes online casinos and the whole igaming industry. personalised casino games and betting markets powered by the machine learning engine significantly improve user experience in gambling.

tagx.in Search: tagx data annotation for machine learning

tagx - data annotation, synthetic data generation and data collection for aritificial intelligence

education-ecosystem.com Search: education ecosystem the project based learning for building

did you know education ecosystem is like github on video for developers? it is project-based learning ecosystem that teaches you how to build products using real project examples.

colearn.de Search: corporate learning community beiträge zur entwicklung von learning &

learning-mind.com Search: learning mind never stop learning about life! learning

here you will find thought-provoking and informative articles about psychology, self-improvement, and spirituality that will give you a better

issotl.com Search: international society for the scholarship of teaching and learning (issotl)

keras.io Search: keras: the python deep learning api

keras documentation

predictiveanalyticsworld.de Search: machine learning & predictive analytics konferenz virtual 2020

lassen sie sich auf der führenden machine learning konferenz von den erfolgen erfahrener experten inspirieren! jetzt mehr über ai im marketing erfahren | november 16-17, 2020

cnvrg.io Search: full stack machine learning operating system cnvrg.io

diacritice.info Search: diacritice (ăâîșț) corectare automată folosind machine learning.

aimla2021.org Search: international conference on ai, machine learning and applications (aimla 2021)

international conference on ai, machine learning and applications (aimla 2021) will provide an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and results in theory, methodology and applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning. the conference looks for significant contributions to all major fields of the artificial intelligence, machine learning in theore

featureform.com Search: featureform easily manage your machine learning features across your

a virtual feature store that integrates smoothly with your current infrastructure. defining, sharing, training, and serving features has never been simpler.

automl.cc Search: automlconf 2022 1st international conference on
automated machine learning

inpher.io Search: privacy preserving machine learning and analytics pioneer inpher

start analyzing encrypted data today with secret computing® technology by inpher, the company pioneering privacy preserving machine learning.

width.ai Search: artificial intelligence and machine learning consulting services width.ai

ai and machine learning consulting company focused on increasing revenue for you. we specialize in natural language processing and computer vision systems that give businesses a better understanding of their revenue streams and building tools to make them more profitable.

cloudfabrix.com Search: aiops artificial intelligence and machine learning for it

cloudfabrix outcomes driven aiops platform which turns your business data into actionable insights. request a free demo.

machinelearning.courses Search: sas training in russia machine learning leadership

the online course machine learning leadership and practice: end-to-end mastery will empower you to lead and launch machine learning. accessible to business-level learners and yet vital to techies as well, it covers both the state-of-the-art techniques and the business-side leadership best practices. from eric siegel, founder of machine learning week and author of "predictive

predictivelayer.com Search: predictive layer automated machine learning for analytics forecasts

next generation automated machine learning for big data and predictive analytics: time series, customer profiling & targeting

xcorr.net Search: xcorr: comp neuro computational neuroscience, machine learning

computational neuroscience, machine learning

scynet.ai Search: scynet decentralized computing power for automated machine learning

mlcollege.com Search: machine learning college pronikněte do tajů strojového učení

predictiveanalyticsworld.com Search: predictive analytics world the premier machine learning conference predictive

machine learning week and predictive analytics world are the premier conferences for data science professionals, managers and commercial practitioners.

graphcore.ai Search: graphcore: accelerating machine learning for a world of intelligent machines graphcore:

graphcore has built a new type of processor for machine intelligence to accelerate machine learning and ai applications for a world of intelligent machines

nemesida-waf.com Search: nemesida waf complex site protection system with machine learning

nemesida waf

predictiveanalyticsworldclimate.com Search: machine learning for the climate tech industry virtual conference

see how leading enterprises and startups generate improved climate outcomes, lower costs, and higher performance! online, 1-2 june, 2022

amaliaconf.org Search: amaliaconf 2021 conferencia de inteligencia artificial y machine learning

emerse.com Search: emerse machine learning for marketing and advertising decision making

independent machine learning and ai tools for advertising and marketing decision making. our dsp powers billions of ad impressions every month.

scaledinference.com Search: scaled inference artificial intelligence & machine learning tools

artificial intelligence & machine learning tools

pythonistacafe.com Search: pythonistacafe – peer to peer learning for python developers

a peer-to-peer learning community for python enthusiasts…just like you

classicplanning.org Search: classic planning institute learning by doing and doing while

bethesda fountain, central park, nyc have we lost our urban balance? classic town-and-country planning was abandoned by modernist planning―not for reasons of traffic, population growth, or other practical hurdles. its humane forms were rejected on purely stylistic grounds. nearly everything we treasure in the world’s most beautiful cities was built over a century ago. ci

definedlearning.com Search: defined learning the authority on applied learning

authentic, curriculum-friendly projects to promote equality and generate excitement in real career pathways.

pctlearningcenter.org Search: international ip resource why pct learning pct learning

get trained by the top and those who design the filing systems at wipo and uspto. training that helps you to provide accurate, qualitative and valuable service. see what we offer.

learningheroes.nl Search: learning heroes we.make.learning.work.

introduceer online learning succesvol in je organisatie. laat je bedrijf slimmer leren en beter presteren met onze software. ontdek hier hoe.

ocals.org Search: ocals learning services lighting the way to learning

visible-learning.org Search: visible learning information about what works best for learning

information about what works best for learning

precislearning.com Search: precis learning℠ experienced learning consultants

col.org Search: commonwealth of learning learning for sustainable development

the commonwealth of learning empowers people through learning that leads to economic growth, social inclusion and environmental conservation.

fredricksonlearning.com Search: custom learning fredrickson learning in minneapolis, mn

custom learning. improved performance. business results. we can help with any training need, of any size, and for any industry.

weleadbylearning.org Search: lead by learning transforming teacher learning

imagine a school system where all teachers think deeply about students’ learning and collaborate to improve instruction for all students. learn more.

syniadlearning.com Search: syniad learning engaging learning experiences

llarn.com Search: learning consultancy that delivers learning transformation

rene-pickhardt.de Search: data science, data analytics and machine learning consulting in koblenz

getfueled.com Search: online k12 learning solutions for schools stride learning solutions

stride learning solutions provides a number of flexible options to prepare your team for the future of virtual teaching & online learning. learn more today!

nsqol.org Search: national standards for quality online learning from virtual learning

the national standards for quality online courses, online teaching and online programs. the benchmark for districts and state agencies for k-12 online learning.

iv.ai Search: artificial intelligence, machine learning, bot, natural language processing agency

aiartonline.com Search: ai art gallery neurips workshop on machine learning for

neurips workshop on machine learning for creativity and design 2020

cd-make.net Search: cdmake » cross domain conference for machine learning and knowledge

stormforge.io Search: performance testing & automated optimization powered by machine learning

kubernetes cloud performance optimization & testing seamlessly assisting your team in delivering flawless app performance with less manual trial and error. learn more here.

aimlnet.org Search: international conference on ai, machine learning in communications and networks

international conference on ai, machine learning in communications and networks (aimlnet 2021) will provide an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and results in theory, methodology and applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning impacts on communications and networks. the conference looks for significant contributions to all major fields of the

neurons.ai Search: neurons.ai the home of artificial intelligence and machine learning

the home of artificial intelligence and machine learning information resources : information resource directory, news stories, videos, twitter and forum streams.

hxgnsmartadvisor.com Search: ai & machine learning for public safety with hxgn oncall

unlock the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning with hxgn oncall dispatch smart advisor.

meeshkan.com Search: automate pre release qa with machine learning. ui testing tool

always release confidently. meeshkan uses real user flows from production to automate testing for pms and engineers, finding bugs before your users do.

phdata.io Search: data engineering, data strategy & machine learning phdata

ictkerala.org Search: ict academy of kerala offering the best data

creativelearning.com Search: center for creative learning: creative problem solving (cps), talent development,

our creative problem solving (cps) model will help you prepare creative and critical thinkers. cps enables individuals and groups to manage change and deal successfully with complex, open-ended challenges.

ltcillinois.org Search: learning technology center technology services & professional learning for

civitaslearning.com Search: civitas learning student success platform & services

we equip higher ed with actionable insights, connected workflow, and services to improve enrollment, course success, persistence and graduation.

infinityinfoway.com Search: infinity university resource planning education software campus

infinity infoway pvt ltd is rajkot based consortium of web and software development company.iipl is helping businesses do better with the digital solutions.

tecton.ai Search: tecton: enterprise feature store for machine learning slack_mark linkedin_mark twitter_mark

from the creators of uber michelangelo, the tecton feature store enables data scientists to build a library of great features and serve them in production.

bartwronski.com Search: bart wronski graphics, photography, machine learning, image and

graphics, photography, machine learning, image and signal processing

greatlearning.in Search: great learning : topranked professional courses for career success

learn the in-demand skills to advance your career in ai, ml, data science, digital marketing, cloud, software engg & more. get degrees & certificate programs from top universities.

ephorie.de Search: learning machines a blog about data, science, and learning

aitechworld.net Search: ai tech world ai artificial intelligence machine

the ai tech world conference and exhibition is taking place on the 25th & 26th september at printworks, se16, london and will focus on the transformative impact of ai on consumer and enterprise and the advances in machine learning, deep learning and associated technologies driving the ai agenda.

peoplefluent.com Search: talent management software learning solutions peoplefluent logomark_white

talent management software and learning solutions to help you guide your organization’s people, culture, and outcomes.

peopleclick.com Search: talent management software learning solutions peoplefluent logomark_white

humanlearn.io Search: optimizing human learning third workshop eliciting adaptive sequences

third workshop eliciting adaptive sequences for learning (wasl 2020) cyberspace, 6 july 2020, 13:00-17:00 (utc+1)

learningenglishwithoxford.com Search: learning english with oxford the latest language learning tips,

the latest language learning tips, resources, and content from oxford university press.

cvpl.it Search: cvpl associazione italiana per la ricerca in computer vision,

newachdlearningcenter.org Search: adult congenital heart disease learning center home page achd

hklearning.ch Search: somedia learning ag wir ermöglichen e learning

mit unseren beratungen, workshops, lernprogrammen (wbt), lernplattformen (lms) und videos ermöglichen wir digitales lernen. so, dass es sinn macht.

learningwithoutscars.com Search: on demand learning learning without scars

training solutions for capital goods dealerships. the fundamental objective of learning without scars is to present meaningful theory in an understandable manner.

reliaslearning.de Search: e learning im gesundheitswesen relias learning

relias learning ist ihr partner im gesundheitswesen für innovative, effiziente und hochwertige e-learning-angebote. erfahren sie mehr!

thedataexchange.media Search: the data exchange data ∪ machine learning ∪ ai

the data exchange is a community focused on applications of data, machine learning and ai. it consists of weekly podcast, an occasional newsletter, and other content.

gnshealthcare.com Search: healthcare artificial intelligence, causal machine learning & data analytics

understand the power of causal machine learning, why it’s different than other ai solutions and why it’s critical for healthcare. learn more by contacting gns healthcare today at 617-374-2300 or [email protected]