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A place to discuss and learn about devops sre and infrastructure | 12 231 members Software crafters craftsmanship devops & tech

Software crafters es una web sobre artesanía del software devops y tecnologías software con aspiraciones a plataforma de formación y consultoría. Devops bookmarks

Discover the latest devops tools and frameworks The devops checklist

Form a better understanding of devops and your delivery ecosystem through following the devops checklist by steve pereira - design courtesy of aaron legaspi and amit jakhu of orium.

DevopsChecklistAutomationCultureSharingTestingMeasurementOriumSteve pereiraAmit jakhuAaron legaspiTorontoCanada Agile web operations shaping and evangelizing devops since 2008

Shaping and evangelizing devops since 2008 Devops services development & delivery at speeddevops services frequently asked questions(faq)

Upscale your business through software development & devops services. align development and operations teams to improve the quality of code. Aws azure gcp cloud devops cloud champions

Aws azure gcp devops cloud cloud native container kubernetes k8s Introduction devops control framework

The devops control framework # devops values # the devops control framework is a defined secure software development process with devops culture at it’s heart. continuous compliance # this is the distillation of the real processes in use by leading regulated institutions to deliver compliant secure and audit-ready software. overview # the purpose of a secure software development lifecycle (ssdlc) is to provide a defined repeatable way of working that manages it risks associated with software development. Iod internet of devops project website Agile mindset микросервисы архитектура devops и agile

микросервисы архитектура devops и agile Infraspec devops & sre consulting

Infraspec is an engineering consulting company that provides expertise in distributed systems infrastructure automation sre platform engineering and devops.

Cloud native infrastructureSre consultingKubernetes consultingMicroservicesDevopsInfrastructure as codeCloud migrationTechnology consulting in bengaluruInfraspecInfraspec devInfraspec bengaluruInfraspec consulting company Devops with chatgpt save devops time & budgetsearch

The ephemeral devops management platform automatically creates tests and deploys pre-production environments for cloud-native applications. Appcircle build test and distribute mobile apps with devops automation and mobile cicd

Make fully-automated better and more frequent mobile app releases through mobile ci/cd Home eiara limited sustainable devops

Eiara is a new zealand based devops consultancy helping clients worldwide to make their infrastructure automated scalable and reliable. The agile admin thoughts on agile web operations and devops by @ernestmueller @wickett @iteration1 and @bproverb

Thoughts on agile web operations and devops by @ernestmueller @wickett @iteration1 and @bproverb Dkfm: devops kung fu mafia

We make devops things that make devops things easier Gopher coding · go docker devops & distributed systems

Go docker devops & distributed systems. show casing a range of learning resources to help build and use go and docker Devops launchpad

Become a certified salesforce devops master and have fun getting there! Markus lippert devops containers orchestration cloudnative iac and azure

Devops containers orchestration cloud-native iac and azure Hem devops expo a blog about devops and aws technology Kevin gimbel devops engineer yet another tech blog. Home nordic devops days

Nordic devops days 2023. 9-10 november in tallinn estonia Humalect: devops automation platform

Code to deployment in a few clicks. fully managed infrastructure domains certificates and ci/cd in your own cloud provider account. end to end devops automation. The virtual devops platform mogenius

Businesses become scalable with automated cloud infrastructure by mogenius utilizing kubernetes with zero devops effort.​

Cloud nativeMogeniusCloud hostingSmart developer cloudCloud computingCloud servicesCloud solutionsCloud platformCloud hostingCloud hosting servicesCloud hosting solutionsCloud hosting platformCloud hosting providerCloud hosting companyCloud hosting companiesCloud hosting providersCloud hosting services providerCloud hosting services providersCloud hosting services companyCloud hosting services companiesCloud hosting solutions providerCloud hosting solutions providersCloud hosting solutions companyCloud hosting solutions companiesCloud hosting platform providerCloud hosting platform providersCloud hosting platform companyCloud hosting platform companiesCloud hosting provider companyCloud hosting provider companiesCloud hosting providers companyCloud hosting providers companiesCloud hosting company providerCloud hosting company providersCloud hosting companies providerCloud hosting companies providersCloud hosting services provider companyCloud hosting services provider companiesCloud hosting services providers companyCloud hosting services providers companiesCloud hosting services company providerCloud hosting services company providersCloud hosting services companies providerCloud hosting services companies providersCloud hosting solutions provider companyCloud hosting solutions provider companiesCloud hosting solutions providers companyCloud hosting solutions providers companiesCloud hosting solutions company providerCloud hosting solutions company providersCloud hosting solutions companies providerCloud hosting solutions companies providersCloud hosting platform provider companyCloud hosting platform provider companiesCloud hosting platform providers companyCloud hosting platform providers companiesCloud hosting platform company providerCloud hosting platform company providersCloud hosting platform companies providerCloud hosting platform companies providersCloud hosting provider company providerCloud hosting provider company providersCloud hosting provider companies providerCloud hosting provider companies providersCloud hosting providers company providerCloud hosting providers company providersCloud hosting providers companies providerCloud hosting providers companies providersCloud hosting company provider companyCloud hosting company provider companiesCloud hosting company providers companyCloud hosting company providers companiesCloud hosting companies provider companyCloud hosting companies provider companiesCloud hosting companies providers companyCloud hosting companies providers companies Welcome to the devops guide nextragithub

Nextra: the next docs builder Articles about webdev devops seo and many more.

Notes and articles about modern webdev devops seo. list of projects and open source packages and modules. #cloud #devops #automation #sre

#cloud #devops #automation #sre Core 247 devops услуги для вашей компании

Core 24/7 предоставляет devops услуги полного спектра. ускоряем создание цифровых продуктов и проектируем приложения которые используют более 5 миллионов пользователей.

KubernetesCloudDockerCi / cdGitDevopsDevsecopsSre Shoreline: devops incident automation platform

Redefine devops incident repair and automation. eliminate tickets and improve availability. Développement logiciel devops qualité logicielle data avisto Dlm consultants data. devops. Scott sauber software developer full stack core javascript and devops

Software developer - full stack - core javascript and devops Microplatforms devops. accelerated.

Stay ahead in the cloud native ecosystem: microplatforms indexes the best and most useful content in the space of devops cloud native kubernetes docker containers and infrastructure as code and delivers it to you in a digestible and unintrusive way for you to build upon.

DevopsCloud-nativeKubernetesDockerContainerInfrastructure as code Polycrate the devops framework Devops readme

Devops readme Posedio gmbh professionelle cloud und devops beratung

Posedio ist ein beratungsunternehmen das sich auf devops cloud native technologies kubernetes container orchestration ci/cd-pipelines gitops und mehr spezialisiert hat.

PosedioDevops beratungCloud beratungCloud securityKubernetesCi/cdGitopsCloud migrationösterreichWien Scafe full devops et cloud native

Notre approche full devops et notre maitrise du cloud est le facteur clé de succès pour la performance de votre organisation. Aipowered devops platform

Our ai-powered devops platform unifies secures and generates predictive insights across the software lifecycle to enhance business value. Running in production with scissors techniques stories and rants about devops and site reliability engineering

Techniques stories and rants about devops and site reliability engineering Nixys devops devsecops mlops техподдержка itпроектов 247

50 администраторов и devops в команде. помогаем web-проектам переехать в kubernetes. настраиваем ci/cd. решаем задачи devops. следим за серверами 24/7 Tecnología devops y consultoría tecnológica » audacia cloud

Tecnología devops para el despliegue continuo automatizado de software y consultoría tecnológica en la mejora de procesos y uso de las multi nubes. Ctrlstack: change visibility for devops

Ctrlstack simplifies real-time troubleshooting in a world where code and config changes contribute to the majority of production issues. Damian szymczuk javascript fullstack developer devops geek computer freak gadgets lover

Devops geek | computer freak | gadgets lover Devops paradox devops paradox

Devops paradox is a weekly podcast co-hosted by darin pope and viktor farcic about all things devops. Cloud2scale : docker kubernetes aws automation monitoring devopscloud management

DevopsKubernetesManagementAwsGcpAzure Spécialiste des services numériques infrastructure cloud et devopsschema offre en dev ops

Alter way se réinvente en devenant le fer de lance des services numériques infrastructure cloud et devops du groupe smile Devops asia summit 2022 best devops conferences & community

Get ready to experience the most exciting and awaited devops devsecops and sre conference of 2023 – devops asia summit 2023. xellentro known for its thought leadership in the area of devops devsecops and sre and techstrong who are the pioneers in creating seamless event experience have come together once again to deliver an engaging and valuable customer experience worldwide. Xellentro best devops institute singapore online training & course

Xellentro is a leading devops institute in singapore for online training & courses and a global provider of training and consulting services. devops certified! Xellentro best devops institute training & course india

Xellentro is a leading devops institute trainings & courses online in india and global provider of training and consulting services. get devops certified!